Case Studies / Dispensing / Automotive Fiberglass Components

Motoman Robot Handling, Dispensing, and Press LoadingAchieved all results predicted by Motoman computer simulation. Cycle time: Met goal of less than three minutes.

Project Challenges

  • Control resin dispensing process to achieve resin uniformity without porosity and eliminate need to manually flatten out resin surface around preform part edges.
  • Achieve accurate placement of large, unwieldy preform into press dies.
  • Achieve required cycle time of less than three minutes, including press cycle.

Motoman Robotics Solution

Motoman Robotics provided a flexible multi-process solution, including:

  • SK120 robot with MRC controller
  • Custom sealant dispensing head
  • Custom mechanical gripper with three jaws to pull veil (fiber glass sheet) from automatic sheet dispenser
  • Custom fork gripper
  • EOA shock sensor common to all three sets of EOA tooling
  • Automatic tool changers - one per set of EOA tooling
  • 180° indexing turntable positioner with 8-second index time. Features 113.4-kg (250-lb) weight capacity per side, and clear plastic screen dividers
  • Two Customer supplied "buck" framework fixtures - one per side of positioner
  • Rosenthal Model 3M-60 Sheetmaster™ automatic sheet dispenser with cut-off
  • "Master" operator station by press
  • "Slave" operator station by positioner
  • Interface with Customer supplied PLC that runs the press
  • Integrated work cell protection package, including: wire safety fences, light curtains, photo eyes, 4-color status beacon with horn, and safety interlocked gates
Ref: ACS-021