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Solving the Logistics Equation

Presenter: Mike Antill, Michael Castor, Roger Christian, Wade Hickle & Jack Uhl

Logistics is ripe for robotic automation, but is automation ready for logistics? A panel of experts unravel the complexities in this roundtable Q&A.

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Focus on Your Collaborative Application

Presenter: Kristian Hulgard - OnRobot

OnRobot will demonstrate how to optimize your investment to gain the full advantages of your cobot and to focus on your application through smarter, more adaptive robotic tools.

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State of the Arc

Presenter: Josh Leath

Laser inspection, IIoT, AI Welding and Advanced Joining Methods are a few current topics covered in this rundown of welding technology.

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Robotic Transfer Automation in the Press Room

Presenter: Dean Elkins

Whether you’re manufacturing automotive, appliance or agricultural components, press tending applications remain a prime target for automation when a robust ROI must be realized.

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Aluminum Welding Processes

Presenter: Shaun Relyea - Fronius

Learn the material characteristics of aluminum and the key considerations you will need to achieve the perfect weld.

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