News / ComArc LV Seam Tracker Provides Reliable, High-Speed Seam Tracking Performance with any Welder

Dayton, OH (September 2018) — Compatible with any brand of welder, the ComArc LV “through-the-arc” seam tracker uses intuitive software to compensate for work pieces or work holding fixture inaccuracies, providing the utmost in weld quality and productivity. This simple and reliable method, measures the arc characteristics of a weave pattern to determine variations between the robot’s taught path and desired path.

Improved on the existing high-speed touch sensing technologies (vs. digital signals), “LV” is for “low voltage”. The low voltage 48 VDC signal protects the user and weld equipment from high voltage while reliably detecting surfaces coated with rust or scale. A dedicated circuit provides faster and more precise touch sense than built-in welder functions. Use of power source internal touch sense circuits is still available and may be required for certain applications. Macro Jobs simplify programming with an Auto-Teach function that automatically searches perpendicular to the part/joint.

Yaskawa Motoman’s seam tracking function can track “T” and “V” groove butt joints in mild steel with up to 500 amperes of welding current, and it can seam track lap joints from 2 mm in thickness and higher. ComArc LV seam tracking can be combined with high-speed AccuFast point laser, which eliminates the time for wire cutting and searches faster.

ComArc LV can be enhanced and used in conjunction with several optional software functions, including Pause Weaving, Multi-Layer Welding and Coordinated Motion. Pause Weaving allows the robot to perform a weave motion while round parts are rotated on a non-servo positioner. With Multi-Layer Welding, once the root pass is established, the robot will adjust the torch angle and make preprogrammed offsets for multiple weld passes. When used with Coordinated Motion, seam tracking can be performed on complex parts that are repositioned on an external axis or when positioned by another robot.

The arc welding application software of the YRC1000 controller’s INFORM III programming language easily integrates these functions for simplified setup and programs. The ComArc LV unit provides optimum seam tracking/seam finding signals with either digital or analog welder interface. ComArc LV for the YRC1000 unit is designed for power supplies with inverter switching.