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Maximize Utilization of Industrial Machinery

Years of project collaboration with machine OEMs, robotic integrators and end customers makes Yaskawa Motoman a valuable resource for simple and effective robotic machine tending options.


Why Robots for Machine Tending?

Robots provide safety and consistency to machine operation, resulting in higher machine utilization, less idle time for workers and higher overall productivity. 

The Case for Machine Tending Automation

Why Yaskawa Motoman?

We offer fully-supported robotic solutions that can greatly simplify robot deployment, reduce costs and offer collaborative options for machine operation. 

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Featured Solutions

Get ideas for easy-to-implement industrial and collaborative robot projects for machine tending and other handling tasks.

Combine the speed and accuracy of industrial robots with the safety and simplicity of cobots.


Our in-house engineers employ the latest technologies to automate your entire machine tending and inspection process.



Machine Tending Robots

Yaskawa Motoman has the largest selection of robots to meet your reach, payload and mounting requirements. See how fast travel speeds and wide range of motion make Motoman robots the best choice for getting the most out of your productive space.


GP-Series 6-Axis Robots

HC-Series Cobots


Expand Your Capabilities

Yaskawa Motoman supports your entire robotic process with products and services that give you more automation when you want it, and simplicity when you need it.


Unlock the Full Potential of Robotics

Ensure success in your next robotics project with unmatched operational and application support included for the life of every robot. Combine that with our renowned service and training programs, and Yaskawa Motoman stands alone as your best partner to minimize risk and maximize return on your investment.