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Thanks to everyone who visited us at AME 2022!

We shared how highly reliable and efficient robotic automation is helping manufacturers and suppliers deal with labor shortages and production bottlenecks. Still looking to learn how to leverage the latest robotic technologies to address your specific concerns? Contact one of our automation experts ›

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Yaskawa Motoman booth at AME 2022
Yaskawa Motoman booth at AME 2022

Innovative Solutions

Product Highlights
GP7 Robot

GP7 Robot

Featuring a 7 kg payload capacity and an IP67 washdown rating, the compact GP7 robot is well-suited for high-volume assembly, handling and packaging processes.

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PalletSolver Software

PalletSolver® Software

Streamline your palletizing process with a simple software tool that generates ideal pallet patterns, enabling robots to palletize more variations quickly and efficiently.

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