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Automate 2024

From welding, machine tending and bin picking to palletizing, induction and more, our booth showcased highly efficient robots and cutting-edge systems that can help your organization achieve transformative results.

We also featured demos from our partners, ARC Specialties and Vista Automation. Contact one of our Yaskawa automation experts to learn more.

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Yaskawa Motoman Automate 2024 Booth
Yaskawa Motoman Automate 2024 Booth
Yaskawa Motoman Automate 2024 Booth
Yaskawa Motoman Automate 2024 Booth
Yaskawa Motoman Automate 2024 Booth
Yaskawa Motoman Automate 2024 Booth

Featured Applications

Yaskawa Machine Tending Robot Application

Machine Tending

Using industrial and collaborative robots for machine tending tasks can avoid the inconsistencies of manual handling and provide quality improvements.


Parcel Induction

Flexible and reliable, robotic parcel induction solutions optimize workflow and throughput, while addressing workforce concerns for maximum ROI.

Pallet Builder for the Yaskawa Smart Pendant

Robotic Palletizing

This easy-to-use, no-code platform for Smart Pendant has an intuitive user interface that enables quick development and optimization of palletizing jobs.

Product Highlights
Yaskawa Welding Robots

Arc Welding Robots

AR-series robots offer fast cycle times, a slim profile design, and quick and easy installation. Seven models are available with payload capacities ranging from 8-25 kg.

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Yaskawa ArcWorld HC

ArcWorld HC

This portable job shop is a complete robotic welding solution for fabricating small- to medium-size parts and is well-suited for high-mix, low-volume production.

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Yaskawa ArcWorld LC

ArcWorld LC

A suggested first step into robotic welding for job shop environments, this economical system can help address concerns such as labor shortages and inconsistent part quality.

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Yaskawa GP8L Robot

GP8L Robot

An ideal choice for logistics processes, this extended-reach model easily performs high-speed bin picking, induction and packaging tasks. Other handling applications are also supported.

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Yaskawa HC30PL Robot

HC30PL Collaborative Robot

Designed with palletizing tasks in mind, the HC30PL cobot enables safe, efficient production in demanding environments and offers an impressive 30 kg payload capacity.

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Yaskawa Smart Pendant

Smart Pendant

Easily add and configure vision, tools and more using touch-enabled, graphical pendant apps. New downloadable extensions enable quick development of handling tasks.

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