Grippers and Accessories
HC10 Robot with Gripper

Yaskawa has partnered with industry leaders to provide robot gripper and accessory kits that help customers quickly meet their application requirements.

Technology Partner Kit Contents

Technology kits include the following items (where applicable):  

  • Mechanical adapter flange + mounting hardware for Yaskawa robots

  • Electrical power + communication cables

  • Cable management accessories

  • Example function(s) for quick-deployment accessories

If the ready-made kits below do not meet your needs, please reach out to a representative.


 Grippers + Force/TorqueSafety + VisionI/O + Accessories

Grippers + Force/Torque

ATI Industrial Automation

ATI’s Force/Torque Sensor family is now easily compatible with GP/HC robot models.  Kits include hardware, Extension app, and reference jobs for common F/T applications.


OnRobot offers electrical, vacuum and adhesive gripping solutions. Kits include a Yaskawa mechanical adapter, quick-change flange, connectorized cabling, a versatile control module and comprehensive documentation. Yaskawa function examples are provided for quick deployment. Dual gripper option available.  



Robotiq offers electrical and vacuum gripping solutions. Electrical gripper kits include a Yaskawa mechanical adapter, connectorized cabling, an EtherNet/IP control module and comprehensive documentation. Yaskawa function examples are provided for quick deployment.


Schmalz offers several modular vacuum gripping options for HC10DT. Kits include a Yaskawa mechanical adapter, connectorized cabling and gripper documentation.



Schunk offers a highly modular portfolio of tools for GP-series robots. Kits include a Yaskawa mechanical adapter, connectorized cabling, required valves, preinstalled sensing, and gripper documentation. Collaborative options also available.



Air, magnet, and modular vacuum units are available for Yaskawa’s collaborative robot models. These kits include mechanical adapters, cabling, and comprehensive documentation.

Safety + Vision


Yaskawa’s Motosight 2D option leverages Cognex’s industry leading products. Kit includes the 8000 series camera, single PoE cable, mounting accessories, and Smart Pendant software. YRC Pendant option also available.


SICK Safety

SICK offers a Speed & Separation Monitoring kit designed specifically for Yaskawa (sBot Speed – YA).  Kit includes a safety laser scanner, FlexiSoft modules, and Yaskawa-specific documentation.  Generic Stop State Monitoring options also available.


SICK Vision system on a Yaskawa robot

SICK Vision

SICK’s PLOC2D robot guidance system includes a browser for easy setup and a .yip for fast deployment on YRC controllers.

I/O + Accessories

VIPA Controls

VIPA, a Yaskawa company, offers easy-to-use I/O expansion options over EtherNet/IP.  Digital & analog options available. Kit includes comprehensive  documentation linked below.

Installation Guide (PDF)


Vention offers mounting plates for Yaskawa robots. Robust designs with rapid delivery can be viewed in the Parts Library. A next-generation digital manufacturing platform for machine design is also available, enabling users to design, order, and assemble custom equipment in just a few days. 

Yaskawa Designs


Smart Pendant Armor

Pendant Armor

A one-piece, conformal fitting, energy-absorbing frame protects the Smart Pendant from accidental dropping. Optional touch-sensitive screen protectors are also available. These are shipped pre-cut to the exact screen size, and are guaranteed to perform with the Smart Pendant touch screen.

Roboworld Robosuits

From simple single-axis covers, to complete Robosuits, these Robosuits protect the robot arm in harsh operating environments. From corrosive chemicals to extremes in temperature, while maintain full-articulation capability. 


HC10 Workstation

Highly economical for integrating the HC10 robot with the high-performance YRC1000 controller into a single package, the extremely portable and compact HC10 Workstation is compatible with the Yaskawa HC10, HC10DT, HC10XP and HC10DTP collaborative robots. Easily redeployed to meet diverse production demands, this mobile solution is well-suited for arc welding, assembly, machine tending and pick and place tasks.