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Designed to facilitate fast deployment of palletizing cells, the easy-to-use Pallet Builder extension app features an intuitive user interface that enables quick development and optimization of palletizing jobs. The included product database is scalable to meet your business needs, with guided prompts for cell configuration as well as pallet pattern setup and programming. This no-code platform is ideal for small- to medium-sized enterprises with little to no programming experience.

With support for a large number and variety of cases, Pallet Builder is easily customizable to accommodate specific system requirements, providing general functions, including:

  • Cell definition: Supports multiple infeeds, build stations and dispenser stations (for slip sheet separators). The interface can support up to eight combined stations.

  • Product database: Defines product type (case, pallet, separator) including product dimensions, mass, and label position.

  • Gripper definition: Accommodates multiple grippers and end-of-arm tooling types that can be defined with empty and loaded tool file reference, easily adjusting for product weight variation.

  • Single pick and place: Facilitates single pick tasks where a single product in the same orientation arrives on an infeed, as well as single drop positions with selectable label orientation.

Pallet Builder is intended for box or case palletizing applications and is compatible with GP-series and HC-series robots that use the YRC1000 or YRC1000micro controller, and it must be used with Smart Pendant version 3.0 or newer.

  Instructions for Pallet Builder Operation

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Key Features
Pattern and stack generation inside Pallet Builder

Pallet Build Creation

Intuitive user interface with guided prompts for pallet pattern and stack generation.

Path Definition inside Pallet Builder

Path Definition

Powerful software allows user to define number and type of approach or departure points for all pick-and-place motion.

Sequencing inside Pallet Builder

Adaptable Optimization

Automatic or manual sequencing, definable label orientation and mixed layer support within a given pallet build.

Supported Patterns
Block Pattern


Interlock Pattern


Pinwheel Pattern


Diagonal Pattern


Custom Pattern


ArcWorld LC low-cost welding cell

With features built for picking, machine tending, assembly and other light handling jobs, the Smart Pendant is an option for GP-series robots up to 80 kg payload.

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Fully simplify your robot experience with the HC-series collaborative robots, featuring hand-guided teaching and easy setup through Smart Pendant.


Optimized speed and precision control make the YRC1000 and YRC1000micro controller options a winning choice for your size, power supply, and I/O requirements.


Pallet Builder 2.0.2 Minimum Requirements -
YRC1000/YRC1000micro with Smart Pendant version 3.0 or later.

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