Software / Robot Manager

View and Edit Robot Files in Real Time

Root Manager is a Windows PC-based solution for troubleshooting robot jobs and debugging issues in real time. Robot Manager communicates directly to the robot controller using high-speed Ethernet, providing the ability to view and edit robot jobs, I/Os and variables.

Key features of Robot Manager include:

  • Two levels of user password access; View and Edit

  • View/edit robot jobs

  • View live monitor of user-specified variables and I/O

  • View/edit robot I/O

  • View/edit robot variables

  • View/reset robot errors and alarms

  • View robot error and alarm history

  • View currently running robot job info highlighting each step

  • Create backup sets that designate which files to back-up and when to schedule the back-up


Robot Manager requires a Windows 7 minimum PC (not provided), and supports the following robot controllers:

  • YRC1000

  • YRC1000micro

  • DX200

  • FS100

  • DX100 (S/W version DS2.07.00A-00 and above)

  • NX100


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