ArcWorld 2000

When it comes to large parts and heavy-deposition welding, only a truly heavy-duty solution will suffice. Our large ArcWorld workcells deliver maximum power for performance on a whole new scale, without sacrificing safety features and ease of integration that characterize our smaller workcells.


• Single-station configuration or “blank” stations without positioner(s) for your custom tool

• Functional Safety Unit (FSU) enforces safety zones for split-station work as well as part loading and unloading.

• Multiple positioners and robot options combine to deliver a modular solution ideal for heavy transportation, agriculture

• MotoMount™ fixture mounting system eliminates laser or and construction equipment transit alignment procedures for fast positioner setup and improved equipment life. View Video

• Opposing workstations take full advantage of robot reach and allow continuous welding during part loading

• Common equipment base with wire ways eases setup and provides cable management

• Supports a variety of part spans (2-, 3-, 4-, 5-meter) with extended reach or multiple robot configurations

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Features & Highlights

  Power & Performance
Able to handle parts up to 5m in size and total payloads up to 6,300 kg, ArcWorld 2000 workcells are ideal for the labor intensive jobs involving large-parts or heavy deposition.


  Ease of Integration
Big doesn't have to mean complicated. ArcWorld cells arrive at your facility ready to weld. Workcells are pre-assembled on a common base for quick setup and relocation.


  Modular & Scalable
Grow your productivity without expanding your space. AW2000 scales easily from a single-station to a two-robot dual station - with multiple configurations in between that help you adapt to changing demands.