Bin Picking

MotoSight 3D BinPick is a hardware/software solution that is designed to quickly and easily recognize and pick parts that are randomly presented in a bin. Previous solutions that tried to solve this problem were expensive and required a combination of multiple cameras; one to locate the part and one to determine the orientation once it was picked. MotoSight 3D BinPick with Canon 3D Machine Vision technology solves this problem with a single camera that integrates the camera with lighting to both find and determine orientation of the part in a single pass.

MotoSight 3D BinPick is an ideal solution for those applications where traditional 2D technology does not work. When parts are randomly presented, probably overlapping, and could move after a different part is picked, MotoSight 3D BinPick solves those problems through the use of 3D CAD matching. With a single pass, the use of structured lighting enables the system to automatically recognize parts, determine the best pick candidate, and calculate the most optimal path so that the robot can safely, but surely, pick up the part and move it to its desired destination. All without colliding with other parts or the bin itself.

An easy to use PC-based application defines the parts, picks positions, and enables offline definition and configuration that does not impact production. In addition, various software options enable the system to be configured for various out of the ordinary configurations.