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Automated Order Fulfillment & Handling

Neocortex® Goods 2 Robot System

High Speeds. High Product Mix. High ROI.

Make handling of random items faster and smarter with intelligent 3D vision and interactive motion control. The new Neocortex® Goods to Robot Cell is ideal for automating random bin picking, order fulfillment, machine tending and part induction.

Leaders in industrial robotics and artificial intelligence have developed a groundbreaking solution to identify and handle unsorted items - with a level of speed and accuracy that exceeds human ability.

Boxes, bottles, tubes and odd-shaped items can enter the workcell in any sequence and orientation. Neocortex artificial intelligence recognizes thousands of SKUs, enabling the robot to reliably handle 800 picks per hour (average) with peaks up to 27 picks per minute.




Fully Integrated Package


Artificial intelligence, 3D vision guidance, motion control and WMS/ASR interface.


Motoman GP12 robot, multi-functional gripper, industrial PC, PLC (optional), sensors, safety barriers, HMI as a rugged tablet or panel-mounted screen.

Onsite installation and training

Lifetime Support and Service

Universal maintains the cell over its life through remote diagnostics, software upgrades, support and service – providing one point of contact.

Key Features

Rapid Payback

Combines ease-of-use with industrial speed and capacity for high-volume, high-mix applications.


  This workcell can interface with order fulfillment software, picking exact counts of a wide variety of SKUs, filling orders direct to shipping boxes or bags. It also can interface to manufacturing processes to pick from a range of totes and bins for machine tending, random bin picking or raw material induction.


  Handles 800 pieces per hour (average) from totes, bins, trays.


Easy to Deploy

The complete cell arrives on a 4-foot by 4-foot skid and can be commissioned in a day.




Experts estimate logistics robotics will grow at a 64% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) to $22B in 2021, rivaling automotive robotics. Technical innovations in artificial intelligence and robotics are now meeting the three requirements necessary for success in automating order fulfillment: flexibility, reliability, and speed.

This white paper explores how current technological advances unlock this huge opportunity.

  • Published:  September, 2017
  • Author: Hob Wubbena, Vice President, Universal Logic Inc.
  • Pages: 8
  • Sections:
    • Flexibility:
      • Recognizing and Piece-Picking Diverse SKUs
      • Picking Assorted SKUs from a Variety of Containers
      • Advancing Capacity in Existing Supply Chains
    • Speed
      • Easy Deployment of a Robotic Cell
      • Quick Adaptation to Wide Range of Parts
      • High Robotic Throughput
    • Reliability & Accuracy

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