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Powerful and Efficient, Hollow-Arm Robot

Powerful and Efficient, Hollow-Arm RobotIdeal for heavy part processing, the six-axis GP110H hollow-arm robot increases productivity for a wide variety of handling and dispensing applications. Engineered with increased moment and inertia ratings over the non-hollow GP110 model, the GP110H offers optimized cable routing, reducing interference and wear. Quick axis speeds and acceleration capabilities reduce cycle time, and a wide wrist motion range improves application flexibility. Pre-wired for servo gripper and equipped with a single robot-to-controller cable connection, this exceptionally fast robot enables easy installation and operation, requiring little maintenance. A secure mounting space on the robot arm offers a secure location for customer equipment.


Machine Tending, Material Handling, Press Tending




110 kg

Horz. Reach:

2,044 mm

Vert. Reach:

3,367 mm


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