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Efficient, Shelf-Mounted Multi-Purpose Robot

Efficient, Shelf-Mounted Multi-Purpose Robot

Capable of loading and unloading of parts, the versatile six-axis GP165R robot can eliminate inconsistencies of a manual process for applications such as turning, milling and grinding. It is also ideal for “jigless” applications where robot positions part for processing by other robots or two robots handle a single part. While a large work envelope and high moment of inertia ratings accommodate a variety of parts, fast axis speeds and acceleration capabilities decrease cycle time and optimize production output. A streamlined upper arm provides easy access to parts in confined spaces, and a reduced interference design enables the robot to be placed closer to machines and fixtures, optimizing valuable floorspace.


Material Cutting, Material Handling, Press Tending




165 kg

Horz. Reach:

3,140 mm

Vert. Reach:

4,782 mm


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