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Yaskawa Motoman Logos and Guidelines

Yaskawa Motoman has established standards to help ensure that our corporate image is maintained consistently throughout our entire communication program. Proper use of our company name and corporate logo is important. Please follow these guidelines to keep our corporate image consistent and professional.

Company Name

Legal name: Yaskawa America, Inc., Motoman Robotics Division

Company reference: Yaskawa Motoman (for written/web documentation)
Example: Yaskawa Motoman offers standard and customized training courses at several locations throughout the U.S.

Brand/product reference: Motoman
Example: With over 400,000 Motoman® robots installed worldwide, we have the products and experience to successfully automate your process.

Logo Guidelines

The logo may only be enlarged or reduced proportionately. The relationship between the elements cannot be altered. Do not recreate the logo. Do not add any elements (words, symbols, etc.) to the logo.

Approved logo variations:

  • The blue logo printed on a white background is the official, preferred version.
  • All black
  • The white logo may be printed on a blue or black background graphic. This version may be used only when required due to design requirements (web site banners, signage, etc.).

Note: Do not use a white logo within a blue rectangle as a stand alone logo! Do not use a blue logo within a white rectangle on any background other than white!

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Blue (preferred) Black White (reverse)

Social Media

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