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Positioner Options

Slip Ring Kits

  • Extends cable life
  • Fixture wires routed through continuously rotating slip ring
  • 10 wire (4@6A, 6@2A)
  • 12 wire @10A + 10 mm air line
  • 3/4-in. high-volume air line
  • Hydraulic unions
  • Kits for MRM2 and MHT positioners

Servo Disconnect

  • Heavy-duty contactor is used to remove drive power from operator load stations, if required by risk assessment.
  • Door-Guard Table Safeguarded loading station barrier door separates operator from robot envelope.

Motoman Door Guard

  • Light curtains can be located inside cell and. interlocked with door to safeguard operator.
  • 1.2-m or 1.6-m width
  • Electric operation
  • 2-sec up/down 3x per minute
  • Welding or non-welding applications

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