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Integrated Robotic Welding Workcells

Featuring Kinetiq Teaching

Kinetiq Teaching makes robots easy to use. Programs can be taught quickly with less-skilled personnel making it ideal for job shops with high mix and low volume batches. The robotic welding workcell configurations listed below are affordable and come complete with Kinetiq Teaching, Air-cooled torch, and Miller AutoAxcess 300DI power source (ready-to-weld). Other power source combinations and options are available.

Weld Cell Comparision Chart
Model Stations Work size Positioner Payload Cell Width Cell Depth
AWC-30 1 1.8x0.690 m Table 150 kg 3,090 mm 1,796 mm
AWC-50 1 1.65x0.685 m Table N/A 2,190 mm 2,835 mm
AWC-50S 1 1.3x0.7 m MHT185 330 kg 2,190 mm 2,835 mm
AWC-52 2 0.7x0.685 m Table N/A 2,190 mm 2,835 mm
AWC-52S 2 0.55x0.7 m 2x MH185 185 kg 2,190 mm 2,835 mm




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