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Scalable, Integrated Spot Welding Systems

SpotWorld® is a complete workcell with robot, process equipment, part positioner and safeguarding integrated together. It leverages Yaskawa Motoman's MS-series robots and popular welding positioners to pattern workcells after our popular ArcWorld® product line. Servo-controlled spot guns with Direct Current (DC) spot timers are synchronized to provide improved quality at reduced cycle time.

Productivity with Quality Welds

  • Popular ArcWorld workcell configurations are easily adapted for spot welding (SpotWorld) to suit a variety of parts
    and industries.
  • Yaskawa Motoman provides service and warranty for robots and positioners in workcell.
  • Smaller MS80W or MS120 robots reduce workcell footprint and can be combined with arc welding robots.
  • HyperProductivity® with multiple robots in the workcell controlled from one teach pendant.
  • Standardized workcells are easily modified to accommodate plant specifications.
  • Cost and delivery of custom configurations is reduced by using standard components.
  • Integrated spot harness improves uptime and application flexibility by eliminating cable management issues; one-year warranty on harness.
  • Servo gun control improves quality and reduces cycle time by providing precise control of electrode force.
  • Programming of Medweld 6000 timer with Medar commands from robot pendant.

Top 3 Reasons to Buy!

  • Integrated spot harness improves wrist flexibility and reduces downtime
  • Service and warranty coverage from a single source
  • Servo gun and DC timer technology optimized for productivity and quality