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Robots for Warehousing and Distribution Centers

Increasing Operational Effectiveness

Over 17,000,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) are imported into the US every year. Many of these are “cubed-out” by volume and are floor loaded. Unloading containers and trucks when no pallet is used can be very demanding, resulting in worker injuries, inconsistent unload rates and damaged product.

With our partners, Yaskawa Motoman provides solutions for robotic truck unloading and mixed-case depalletizing. Robots help improve the operational effectiveness of warehouses and distribution centers by:

  • Reducing injuries to workers
    Unloading trucks is a physically demanding job that requires constant twisting, lifting and reaching. This can result in a high rate of injuries to workers.

  • Reducing product damage
    Product is often tossed and sometimes damaged due to a need to keep the unload rate high. Workers will even stand on cases to reach higher in the truck. This results in damaged cases and damaged products.

  • Reducing loss due to theft
    Theft often occurs before product is unloaded into the warehouse. With a robotic unloading, there is less risk of “product shrink.”



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for Adding Robots to Your Warehouse or Distribution Center

Robotic Order Fulfillment

Universal-Logic-Neocortex-and-Yaskawa.jpgNeocortex Goods-to-Robot

Make handling of random items faster and smarter with intelligent 3D vision and interactive motion control. The new Neocortex® Goods to Robot Cell is ideal for automating random bin picking, order fulfillment, machine tending and part induction.

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Robotic Truck Unloading and Mixed-Case Depalletizing


Partners in Logistics and Warehousing

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