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Adaptive Robot Gripper

ROBOTIQ S-Model Robotic Gripper

Why use fixed tooling in a dynamic world? The new Adaptive Gripper will grasp anything that gets between its fingers. It adapts automatically to any shape.


  • Great for:
    • Machine Tending
    • Fixture Load and Unload
    • High-Mix Part Handling
  • Three articulated fingers and four operation modes allow handling a broad range of sizes and shapes.
  • The adaptive robot gripper can be used for:
    • Partial opening and closing
    • Controllable speed
    • Controllable force

Safe Grip

  • Sensorless grip detection
  • Encompassing grip distributes pressure on up to 10 contact points, minimizing potential for part slippage
  • Can be used to handle delicate or dangerous objects

Integration Friendly

  • Embedded robotic gripper controller with patented mechanical intelligence
  • Uses simple open-close commands
  • Gripper adapts to the part
  • Can be programmed from the teach pendant
  • Multiple protocol options available

Top Reasons to Buy

  • Multiple grip modes enable the handling of a wide variety of parts
  • Reduces setup cost when compared to custom tooling design
  • Short stroke operation reduces cycle time requirements
  • Saves cycle time by eliminating tool changing delays
  • High flexibility may help avoid tooling changes in the future
  • Easy integration with MotomanĀ® robots


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