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Adaptive Robot Gripper

ROBOTIQ S-Model Robotic Gripper

Why use fixed tooling in a dynamic world? The new Adaptive Gripper will grasp anything that gets between its fingers. It adapts automatically to any shape.


  • Great for:
    • Machine Tending
    • Fixture Load and Unload
    • High-Mix Part Handling
  • Three articulated fingers and four operation modes allow handling a broad range of sizes and shapes.
  • The adaptive robot gripper can be used for:
    • Partial opening and closing
    • Controllable speed
    • Controllable force

Safe Grip

  • Sensorless grip detection
  • Encompassing grip distributes pressure on up to 10 contact points, minimizing potential for part slippage
  • Can be used to handle delicate or dangerous objects

Integration Friendly

  • Embedded robotic gripper controller with patented mechanical intelligence
  • Uses simple open-close commands
  • Gripper adapts to the part
  • Can be programmed from the teach pendant
  • Multiple protocol options available

Top Reasons to Buy

  • Multiple grip modes enable the handling of a wide variety of parts
  • Reduces setup cost when compared to custom tooling design
  • Short stroke operation reduces cycle time requirements
  • Saves cycle time by eliminating tool changing delays
  • High flexibility may help avoid tooling changes in the future
  • Easy integration with Motoman® robots


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           Adaptive Robotic Gripper

This robot gripper is adaptive to different part shapes, sizes and orientations
Basic Mode
Robotiq adaptive robotic gripper handles wider parts.
Wide Mode
Adaptive robot gripper in scissor mode
Scissor Mode
Three-finger robotic gripper in pinch mode
Pinch Mode