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Motoman Die Casting Robots

ES165D.jpgA wide range of casting and foundry processes can be automated using robotics. Material handling is a natural application, but robotics can also be used in die lubrication, sand core processing and even ladling molten metal. Casting and foundry application are some of the most challenging faced by an industrial robot. Common hazards include:

  • Coolants, die lubrication or other liquids
  • Airborne particles including metal spits and grit
  • Heat

IP67-rated wrists are standard on most models with IP65 bodies available on many models. The process liquids used in casting and foundry environments frequently mix with metal fragments and grit to create a sludge that sticks to the robot. To avoid this building up on the robot, we offer a high gloss anti-corrosive paint.

For high heat applications, high-durability robot jackets designed for a long life in the harshest of environments are available. These jackets can be customized using multiple materials to best meet the environmental requirements; they can be cooled if needed.

We have a range of material handling robots with payloads from 5-600 kg for use in casting and foundry applications. Our heaviest payload robots feature parallel-link construction for strength, rigidity and stabilization of high moment/inertia loads, while heavy-duty bearings provide smooth arm rotation.

Industrial robot arm models not shown to scale. Click robots for more information.


The MH900 is a heavy-duty robot for handling large castings and weldments. Its wide work envelope and high moment and inertia ratings make this... See Specs


Ideal for processing large parts. In many cell layouts, a long/extended reach robot can eliminate the need for an external track, reducing system...

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Powerful, high-speed robots with long/extended reaches offer superior performance in coating, dispensing, material cutting and handling...

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Powerful high-speed 6-axis robot is ideal for many applications and processes. Increased 24 kg payload, as well as increased moment and inertia...

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Powerful six-axis handling robot features high-rigidity speed reducers and high-speed motion which reduce cycle times. The MH180 features...

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Powerful high-speed six axis robot is ideal for multitude of applications. 12 kg wrist payload and additional mounting surface on upper arm (up...

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MS80W (MH)

Powerful, high-speed robot offers superior performance in dispensing, machine tending, material cutting, material handling and press tending...

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Powerful, high-speed robot offers superior performance in dispensing, material cutting, machine tending, press tending and handling...

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