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Motoman HP20F Robot

Yaskawa Motoman’s extensive product line of high-performance material removal robots includes a variety of application-specific and general-purpose models that are ideal for material removal, surface preparation and finishing operations, including grinding, finishing, polishing, sawing, degating, waterjet removal, etc.

  • Payloads from 6-35 kg
  • Variety of configurations available
  • High torsion and rigidity deliver industry-leading performance
  • Wide range of work envelopes
  • Floor-, wall- and ceiling-mounted models
  • Custom or standard end-of-arm tooling available  

Our complete line of material removal robots is below, or we encourage you to download Yaskawa Motoman’s full-line robot brochure.


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Motoman Robot Brochure

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Robot Brochure

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HP20D-6 Cutting Robot
Payload   6 kg
Horz. Reach   1,915 mm
Vert. Reach   3,459 mm
MH6F-10 Cutting Robot
Payload   10 kg
Horz. Reach   1,422 mm
Vert. Reach   2,486 mm
HP20 Cutting Robot
Payload   20 kg
Horz. Reach   1,717 mm
Vert. Reach   3,063 mm
HP20D-A80 Cutting Robot
Payload   20 kg
Horz. Reach   1,717 mm
Vert. Reach   3,063 mm
DX1350D Cutting Robot
Payload   35 kg
Horz. Reach   1,355 mm
Vert. Reach   2,201 mm
MC2000 II Cutting Robot
MC2000 II
Payload   50 kg
Horz. Reach   2,038 mm
Vert. Reach   3,164 mm