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Robotics Curriculum and STEM Teacher Training

Motoman Endorsed Programs for Teaching Robotics

Overview | Equipment

The MERIT Program was developed specifically for educational institutions who have a vision of becoming a Yaskawa Motoman satellite training facility. It is designed to bring the same quality of training, as delivered by the Motoman Technical Education Center (MTEC), closer to our installed base.

MTEC occupies 13,400 sq ft with 56 robots totally dedicated to training. All training is delivered by dedicated and certified instructors. Over 75 different training courses are offered for a wide range of Motoman® controllers including DX, NX and the newest YRC1000. Training classes for each controller type include: Operators, Basic Programming, Advanced Programming, Ladder Logic and Maintenance.

All of our training courses and programs undergo a rigorous evaluation procedure and process which adheres to the American National Standards Institute/ International Association of Continuing Education and Training (ANSI/IACET 1-2007 Standard).


The MERIT Program Supports Two Levels of Training:

  1. The college undergraduate. The MERIT Program provides the ability to develop a new program with the focus on robotics, or to expand an existing one. Topics can be customized with any set of objectives in mind.

  2. The industrial user. The MERIT Program offers a method to deliver the exact same training offerings to local manufacturers in a surrounding area. Once an instructor becomes certified in a specific training class, he or she will be able to deliver the same curriculum as MTEC. Students will receive the same class material and instruction as if attending MTEC. Upon successful completion of any MERIT delivered course, the student will receive a certificate from Yaskawa Motoman. Certificates are endorsed by Yaskawa Motoman, and valid as prerequisites for any future advanced training classes within the respective controller group.


  • Recognition as a Yaskawa Motoman endorsed satellite training facility
  • Students will be awarded a Yaskawa Motoman certificate with the IACET CEU logo upon successful completion
  • Partnership with a leading robotics company; "creating a better tomorrow"
  • Expansion of knowledge base and accessibility of robotics to everyone
  • Assignment of a senior robotics instructor to ensure continued success and development of staff
  • Utilization of a proven training model and class training materials
  • Curriculum development–leave maintenance of the curriculum to us
  • Press release and promotion of college or university upon joining Yaskawa Motoman's family
  • Annual audits/visits to ensure your success