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Welding Options

toolsight-close-up.gifMotoman offers a wide variety of standard options for increased flexibility and improved uptime.


Tough-Gun® Torch Kit

  • Durable torch barrel with keyed quick change assy.
  • 4-ft gun cable, 22° neck, Tweco #5 pin
  • Motoman Tough-Gun® shock sensor

Motoman Tough-Gun®

  • Air-cooled- 500 amp
  • Water-cooled 450 amp (650 amp optional)

Shock Sensor

  • Spring loaded device stops robot motion when torch deflection is sensed. Device re-centers after removed from collision point. Micro-switch is adjustable for trip point sensitivity.

Binzel Robo WH or VTS Torch Kits

  • Torch with cable
  • ATS-CAT torch mount
  • Adapter plate
  • Adapter for PWF feeder

Tweco QTR® Robotic Torch

  • Torch with 5 ft. gun cable, 22° neck Tweco pin
  • Gun mount for 22° neck
  • RDM-300 mount
  • Normal capacity RDM-300 mount
  • UP-series adapter plate, RDM-AP-8


Comprehensive package to check the robot's Tool Control Point (TCP) on-line, verify torch alignment, and offset programs for deviated torches if desired. Package includes:

ToolSight Gauge Assembly

Two photo beams at 90-degree angles set in a 3" diameter ring. Robot is programmed to move into the intersection of the beams. This can check if TCP is within limits in less than three seconds. If the wire does not break both beams, the robot will use the beams to search for the tool's T, Y, and Z offset. The user can define limits which will either update the tool file or prompt the operator for intervention.

Torch Alignment Pin

Torch alignment can be easily verified manually at a pre-programmed position. Alignment pin also serves as a reference to define new TCPs.

Motoman PMT and Relative Job Software

Software tools are provided to shift programs based on new TCP. Use of PMT or Relative Job will depend on application and customer preference.

Tool Update Software

Subroutines are created in the INFORM language for the robot to search for tool offset and update the tool file.

Tregaskiss or Binzel Reamer Nozzle Cleaner

This stand-alone device uses a pneumatic motor with a reamer to clean the torch nozzle. The reamer and clamp set are designed to work with Motoman TOUGH-GUN® torches.

Wire Cutting Station

Automatically cuts welding wire to a desired length. A programmed path brings the welding wire into the cutter jaw. Using a robot output signal, the pneumatic device will shear off the wire, leaving a clean edge at the programmed stick-out length. A specific length of wire is used for touch sensing on the robot system. The unit can cut up to 1.6mm (0.062 in.) diameter solid wire. Working pressure is 85-140 psi. No mounting stand is provided as the cutter is normally mounted on pneumatic nozzle cleaning station stand.

Touch Sensing Function

The Touch Sensing function enables robot to find the welding joint. The 200 volt circuit allows use of touch sense seam finding even with coated or dirty steel parts. Uses welding wire to "touch" the part in one, two, or three dimensions and then parallel shifts the programmed path. The high search speed is four times faster than standard touch sensing.

Com-Arc III Seam Tracking Function with Touch Sensing (Purchased with robot)

The Com-Arc III Seam Tracker functions by weaving the welding wire in the joint (i.e. fillet weld, "T", lap and single "V" groove weld) and sensing the current at each stroke of the weaving motion. If the detected current at each stroke is not the same, the robot will correct its path in a direction required to make the current the same. Correction can be either left, right, up, or down as determined by the robot controller and Com-Arc III unit. Seam Tracking can either be performed in short-circuiting, globular, or spray arc welding modes. The usable amperage range is from 90-400 amps.

Pause Weaving Software Function

Used with Com-Arc III Seam Tracking and external axis. Allows robot to perform weaving function while a part is rotated by a rotary axis or when a robot is traversing on a linear track. Pause weaving can be used without seam tracking.

Bulk Dereeler Kit

Motoman offers Bulk Dereeler packages utilizing wire wizard components.