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Addressing the Surge in Battery Demand

Addressing the Surge in Battery Demand

Posted: 09/08/2021 15:48:55 by Sarah Mellish
Topics: Collaborative, Handling, Manufacturing, Trade Shows

Introduced by Benjamin Franklin in 1748, the concept of the battery continues to spark innovative ideas for new and useful products. From once powering electrical telegraph networks, to today’s extensive use in automobiles, consumer electronics, medical devices, stationary storage and more, batteries continue to transform how humans travel, interact and manufacture.

As a result of this steady usage, the battery supply chain is experiencing a surge in demand. To address growing pains, manufacturers are turning to robotic automation for a variety of applications including the handling of large heavy tray assemblies, the spraying of adhesives for battery installation and the welding of alternative materials. Growing in popularity, the latter task is driving the use of new weld processes for materials like aluminum alloys. Methods such as Henrob self-pierce riveting, fixed and remote laser welding, and hybrid laser welding are being used to accommodate lightweighting standards for better automobile fuel efficiency.

Join Yaskawa at the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo

Regardless of where your company lies within the battery supply chain, our experts look forward to hearing your concerns and helping you find the right robotic solution to suit your specific application requirements. Part of The Battery Show (North America’s largest and most comprehensive advanced battery manufacturing tradeshow), the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo will feature more than 550 suppliers, showcasing products that represent the entire battery supply chain from raw materials through end of life.

From extremely reliable heavy-payload capacity robots, to high performance arc- and spot-welding robots, robotic solutions throughout the battery supply chain are diverse. At the expo, we will be showing:

  • HC10DT collaborative robot – featuring Power and Force Limiting (PFL) technology, the HC10DT (direct teach) robot offers hand-guided teaching for fast deployment and redeployment on demand. This hands-on demonstration also shows how easy robot programming can be with the intuitive easy-to-use touchscreen Smart Pendant that radically changes the way a robot is programmed via Smart Frame technology. Highly intuitive, this technology eliminates the use of conventional coordinate (X, Y, Z) frames for easy command of the robot movement.
  • MotoMini industrial robot – showcasing two of the smallest and lightest six-axis robots in the industry, this demonstration features two MotoMini robots working together to facilitate small-part processing. Equipped with the highest acceleration speeds in a small-size robot, the MotoMini only weighs 7 kg, making it easy to carry, and ideal for mounting close to workpieces and other machinery in existing lines or cells. Controlled by the space-saving YRC1000micro robot controller that can be installed in either a vertical or horizontal position, as well as within a 19-inch rack, the MotoMini is ideal for a range of applications such as assembly, dispensing, inspection, machine tending, packaging and more.

Be sure to register and join us at the expo in booth #727!

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