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Speaking One Language is Better Than Two

Speaking One Language is Better Than Two

Posted: 14/03/2016 18:03:23 by Dean Elkins
Topics: Controls, packaging, Programming

In a multi-cultural world with many spoken languages, it’s beneficial to know more than one. But if you’re working with robots inside a manufacturing facility, speaking only one language is better. The singular control concept makes it easier to implement automation and save on programming costs.

 How? Singular Control™ is a kind of “easy button”. Especially in packaging, there are more people who “speak” process control than ones who “speak” robot control. So Yaskawa created an environment where an operator can control the robot, whether it’s picking, packing or palletizing, through well-known function blocks or add-on instructions via the MLX200 interface. The goal is to eliminate processors and, instead, program more devices through one programming language. If you are operating a packaging line through a machine controller, this device is running your case erectors, conveyors, check weigh systems, etc. The “easy button,” in essence, is making the line’s robots (through this interface) an element of that line, and an element that you program through the same language without adding a second or third language.


Many companies are running multiple products on their lines, and they need to rapidly change over to accommodate different items. Automating these lines is a critical advantage for allowing companies to stay competitive. Without Singular Control, your workforce must be fluent, multilingual programmers that understand separate robot, machine control or PLC languages.

With Singular Control, your project is up and running faster with a simplified interface to external machines. This translates into cost savings and ease of maintenance since everyone can speak one language. To enhance the “easy button” mentality, Yaskawa Motoman provides tools like MotoSim® EG-VRC and PalletSolver®, both of which function in a Singular Control environment and allow for offline generation of robot path programs and palletizing routines.

Whether your need is robots, motion, controls or drives, Yaskawa can provide you with solution tools in a highly organized vertical fashion. This Singular Control approach is the perfect solution to save you time and money.


Dean Elkins is a Segment Leader - Handling

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