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Yaskawa System Rundown at MODEX 2024 (video)
Elite Automation, April 2024
Knowing the Right Fit for Robotic Automation
Shop Metalworking Technology, April 2024
Knowing the Right Fit for Robotic Automation, April 2024
Cultivating boss buy-in for robotic automation
Shop Metalworking Technology, March 2024
Tech Tips: B.I.G. thoughts on zero maintenance
Shop Metalworking Technology, March 2024
Yaskawa Motoman showcases cobot arms
Robotics 24/7, March 2024
MODEX 2024: Plus One updates depalletization and induction features
Robotics 24/7, March 2024
When Pretty Welds Aren't Enough
Fabricating & Metalworking, March 2024
Inspire and Attract Diverse Groups to Address Workforce Shortages
Fabricating & Metalworking, March 2024
Trends in artificial intelligence for 2024
Design World, March 2024
Minimalistic Mindset
Shop Metalworking Technology, February 2024
Innovative New Robotics at PACK EXPO
Packaging World, February 2024
The value of automated palletizer, depalletizer collaboration
Modern Materials Handling, February 2024
Collaborative Palletizing: A Logical First Step into Robotic Automation, January 2024
Next in Robotics
FAB Shop Magazine Direct, January 2024
Tech Tips: What's taking shape with additive manufacturing and robotics?
Shop Metalworking Technology, January 2024


2023 industry wrap-up: The best of Technology Toolbox
Plant Services, December 2023
Tech Tips: What can small welding workcells do for you?
Shop Metalworking Technology, December 2023
Parallel Legacies & Robotic Training
LeTourneau University NOW, Fall/Winter 2023
Adapting to Dynamic Change
Packaging Technology Today, November/December 2023
Exclusive: Japan robot maker Yaskawa eyes $200 mln US investment
Reuters, November 2023
Shedding Light on the Path to Dark Warehouses
Quality Digest, November 2023
Prepping your weld space for cobot welding productivity
Shop Metalworking Technology, November 2023
Making robotic welding more accessible for small business
Shop Metalworking Technology, November 2023
Combatting the welder shortage with robotics and automation
Canadian Fabricating & Welding, November 2023
The Resistance Spot Welding Advantage
Welding Journal, November 2023
Robot-Tended Press at Work in Monterrey
MetalForming Magazine, October 2023
Elevated Welding
Welding Productivity, October 2023
Joining Forces: Tech Trends Shaping Robotic Welding
Fabricating & Metalworking, October 2023
The Proven Power of Robotics and AI in Logistics, October 2023
Machines: Yaskawa Motoman
Industrial Machinery Digest, September 2023
Packing It Up: Summary of the Las Vegas Pack Expo 2023
Control Automation, September 2023
Yaskawa named one of "America's Safest Companies"
Plastics Machinery & Manufacturing, September 2023
Workflow Automation Can Address the Needs of Large and Small Scale Labs
Today's Clinical Lab, September 2023
FFJournal, September 2023
Cobots' Build Safety, Flexibility, and Heavy-payload Capabilities
Packaging World, September 2023
Action Items
FAB Shop Magazine Direct, September 2023
Improving the Approachability of Automation
Fabricating & Metalworking, September 2023
Robots Boost Capability for Supply Chain Scalability
Packaging Technology Today, September 2023
Inspiring the Extraordinary – Get Ready for IMTS 2024!
Modern Machine Shop, September 2023
Motion control, ease of use, sustainability: Pack Expo Las Vegas 2023
Control Engineering, August 2023
Heavy-Payload Cobots Take on Palletizing
Packaging World, August 2023
What's taking shape with additive manufacturing and robotics?
Aerospace Manufacturing and Design, August 2023
FABTECH PREVIEW: Yaskawa showcasing how robots and peripherals can drive manufacturing
Shop Metalworking Technology, August 2023
LeTourneau University plans robotics work force training program
Longview News-Journal, July 2023
The rise of the collaborative robots on display at Automate 2023 in Detroit
The Fabricator, July 2023
Making Room for Robots Can Add Value
Plastics Machinery & Manufacturing, July 2023
Powering the Robotic Revolution: Women in Advanced Manufacturing
Industrial Machinery Digest, July 2023
Dayton-area robotics manufacturer approved for state tax credit
Dayton Business Journal, July 2023
Industry Increases Use of Robots-as-a-Service
Automation World, June 2023
Robotics manufacturer gets Ohio tax credit for Miamisburg expansion and 70 new jobs
Dayton Daily News, June 2023
Yaskawa adds new collaborative palletizing robot
Plastics Machinery & Manufacturing, June 2023
The right spot
Welding Productivity, June 2023
Pitney Bowes delivers for USPS
Modern Materials Handling, June 2023
Tech training: AOMC opens new support center near Marietta
The Marietta Times, June 2023
Developing the Automation-Savvy Workforce of the Future
MetalForming, June/July 2023
Robots and Welding: Robotic considerations for optimizing laser welding and cutting
Shop Floor Lasers, June 2023
Tech Tips: What to expect when budgeting for a robotic welding system
Shop Metalworking Technology, June 2023
Expansion of robotics manufacturer's Miamisburg facility will add 70 new jobs
Dayton Daily News, June 2023
Automate 2023 analysis: Simplicity and speed will further robotics uptake
Modern Materials Handling, May 2023
Collaborative palletizer reaches higher than competitors' models
Plastics Machinery & Manufacturing, May 2023
Plus One Partners with Yaskawa to Provide Robotic Induction Systems for Materials Handling Customers
Robotics 24/7, May 2023
Roadway Robots
Ohio Cooperative Living, May 2023
A New Robot Blacksmith May Help the Air Force Churn Out Aircraft Spare Parts
Air & Space Forces Magazine, May 2023
Robotic Roadmapping: Tips for Production Workflow Optimization
Industrial Machinery Digest, May 2023
AFRL successfully field-tests AI robot to improve DAF manufacturing capability
The Air Force Research Laboratory, May 2023
Robots: Doing More with Less Floorspace
Modern Machine Shop, May 2023
Ease of Use Features Promise to Democratize Robotics for Smaller Manufacturers
Robotics 24/7, April 2023
Small plants optimize human and robotic processes
Plant Services, April 2023
Machine learning: helping moulders to automate
Injection World, April 2023
Misconceptions about cobots and safety
The Fabricator, April 2023
Ease of use, flexibility spur interest in cobots
Plastics Machinery & Manufacturing, April 2023
Four things to look for in a robotic integration partner
Control Engineering, April 2023
Safety Steps
FAB Shop Magazine Direct, April 2023
Common Applications for Starting with Robots
Shop Metalworking Technology, March 2023
Yaskawa Motoman Shows Collaborative Palletizing Robot
DC Velocity, March 2023
Addressing the Weakest Links in Automation
Packaging Strategies, March 2023
Amp Up Packaging Productivity with Robots
Industrial Machinery Digest, March 2023
Robot Retrofits: When is it Time?
MetalForming, March 2023
MetalForming Live on the Shop Floor – Robots Working in Metal Forming Operations
MetalForming, February 2023
Kids learn about 3D printing, robotics at Red River College bootcamp
CBS News, February 2023
TechFest STEM event held at Sinclair Community College
Dayton 24/7 Now, February 2023
NRC Industries goes BIG with welding automation
Canadian Fabricating & Welding, February 2023
Robots: Doing More with Less Floorspace
Modern Machine Shop, February 2023
Robotic Workcell Sparks Welding Trifecta at Ajax
Manufacturing News, February 2023
Flexible Fixturing for Cobot Welding
Fabricating & Metalworking, February 2023
Tons of New Tech at FABTECH 2022
MetalForming, January 2023
Automation advances put technology within reach
Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery, January 2023
Workcell Readiness
FAB Shop Magazine Direct, January 2023
Proactive Steps for Robot Reliability and Safety
Industrial Machinery Digest, January 2023
The Value of Robotic Paint Performance Testing
Products Finishing, January 2023


Stacked and Compact
Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery, December 2022
Robotic Parcel Induction Allows for Fast Order Fulfillment
Packaging World, October 2022
Now Hiring: Robot Welders
Manufacturing Engineering (SME), October 2022
IMTS+ on the Show Floor | Yaskawa at IMTS 2022 (video)
IMTS, October 2022
Meet A Welding Engineer (video)
WunderSTEM Episode 101, October 2022
Spot-on Robotic Welds
FAB Shop Magazine Direct, October 2022
Vision Elevates Robot Performance in Logistics
Vision Spectra, Autumn 2022
IMTS 2022: Robots Aim to Help Manufacturing Tasks
Robotics-World, September 2022
The Top 10 Technologies at IMTS 2022
Industrial Equipment News (IEN), September 2022
Compact Workcells Integrating Into Weld Processes
IMTS ShowDaily, September 2022
Key Factors for Cobot Welding Safety
The FABRICATOR, September 2022
The Impact of Collaborative Robots
Fabricating & Metalworking, September 2022
Yaskawa Displays Robotic Automation, Smart Solutions at IMTS 2022
Manufacturing.Net, August 2022
Robot Series Facilitates Collaborative Welding
Modern Machine Shop, August 2022
Rent a Bot! Easing Into Robotic Automation via RaaS
Smart Industry, August 2022
The Path Toward No-Code Robot Programming
Welding Journal, August 2022
Yaskawa Displays Robotic Automation, Smart Solutions at IMTS 2022
Industrial Equipment News (IEN), August 2022
Data in Motion
FAB Shop Magazine Direct, July 2022
Advances in Robotics Aim to Ameliorate Persistent Labor Woes
MHI Solutions, June 2022
Yaskawa Motoman's Dean Elkins Interviewed at Automate 2022 (video)
Industrial Sage, June 2022
Mitigating Hazards with Robots
Fabricating & Metalworking, June/July 2022
10 Noteworthy Robot Exhibits at Automate 2022
Robotics 24/7, June 2022
Yaskawa Showcases Latest Technologies at Automate 2022
Control Automation, June 2022
Heavy Metal Automation
Welding Productivity, May/June 2022
Maritime machines: J.D. Irving fully automates the tie line
Canadian Forest Industries, May/June 2022
Automation Made Easy
Shop Floor Lasers Magazine, May/June 2022
Motor Technology Improvements Make Robots More Capable
Robotics 24/7, May 2022
An Automation 'First' for Non-Servo-Eject Trim Presses
Plastics Technology, May 2022
Robotic Automation Trends
Canadian Metalworking, May 2022
The Robotic Edge: Workflow Optimization for Market Advantage
Industrial Machinery Digest, May 2022
Automation Made Easy
FAB Shop Magazine Direct, May 2022
Yaskawa Motoman's Collaborative Robot Combines Flexibility and High Productivity
EaeMáquinas, April 2022 (Brazil)
Action-Based Education Yields Innovative Workforce
Techniques, April 2022
Year of the Cobot: Cobots Make Automating Easier Than Ever
IMTS, April 2022
MODEX 2022 Set to Explore Robotics, Automation for Supply Chain
Robotics-World, March 2022
Taking Up the Slack
Plastics Machinery & Manufacturing, March 2022
New Yaskawa Cobots Sport Enhanced Features
Plastics Machinery & Manufacturing, March 2022
The Perfect Match
Canadian Fabricating & Welding, March 2022
Robotic Destacking and Press Tending a Huge Time and Labor Saver
MetalForming, March 2022
Lost in Logistics No More!
Industrial Machinery Digest, March 2022
The Cobot Difference: The Benefits for Small Shop Adoption
Fabricating & Metalworking, March 2022
Forward-Thinking Education Trains Future Innovators
Manufacturing News, March 2022
Collaborative Robots Raise the Bar for Productivity
Robotics 247, February 2022
Where automation meets the road
Industrial Safety & Hygiene News (ISHN), January 2022
Road-painting robot created in Northeast Ohio could save lives (video)
News 5 Cleveland, January 2022
Four Factors Fueling the Material Handling Robot Surge
Material Handling & Logistics, January 2022
Unlocking Cobot Potential
FABshop Direct, January 2022
4 Spot Welding Robotic Solutions to Avoid Wasting Your Cycle Time and Shop Space
Industrial Machinery Digest, January 2022


Company Spotlight: Yaskawa America (video)
A3, November 2021
Interface Six-Axis Robots with Injection Molding Presses
Plastics Technology, November 2021
Consistent Workforce
FFJournal, November 2021
Compact SCARA is the Right Fit for Brake, Suspension Manufacturer
Assembly, November 2021
Machine Vision for Flexible Robotic Automation
Fabricating & Metalworking, November/December 2021
Timeless Tricks for Today’s Robots
Welding Journal, November 2021
3 Ways Robots Can Streamline Welding Processes
The Welder, October 2021
Yaskawa Demos Collaborative and Autonomous Palletizing Robots (video)
Automation World, October 2021
Retrofitting with robots
FAB Shop Magazine Direct, October 2021
Robotic Machine Tending for Optimized Operations
Fabricating & Metalworking, October 2021
Minding and Safeguarding the Machine Shop
Fabricating & Metalworking, October 2021
Smoother machine designs, better integration
Control Engineering, September 2021
Filling the gaps with robotic welding
The Welder, Sep/Oct 2021
How a university-industry collab led to an innovative syringe-filling system
Pharma Manufacturing, September 2021
Chevy Bolt Fires Has Battery Industry Scrambling to Ensure EV Safety
Forbes, September 2021
Fabricator on a Quick Robotic Welding Learning Curve
MetalForming, September 2021
Pack Expo Presents Innovative Solutions to a Live Audience
MachineDesign, September 2021
Automation solutions for the baking industry
Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery, September 2021
Advances in robotics and automation in the snack and bakery industries
Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery, September 2021
Ideal Integration
FAB Shop Magazine Direct, September 2021
Don’t Spec a Welding System Until You’ve Done This
Metalforming, August 2021
New Robot for Painting Applications Launched
Products Finishing, August 2021
Robot Accurately Places Bin Lids at 45/min
Packaging World, August 2021
Spotlight on product handling systems
Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery, August 2021
Kentucky Pallet Recycler Diversifies with Vecoplan Pellet Mill
Pallet Enterprise, August 2021
Robots fill gaps as processors struggle to find workers
Plastics Machinery & Manufacturing, August 2021
More Flexible Robots Allow for More Case-Packing Options
Packaging World, August 2021
Forward in 3D: Rise Above Challenges in 3D Metal Printing
Fabricating & Metalworking, August 2021
Pendant programming
Welding Productivity, July 2021
Unlocking robotics’ potential
Canadian Metalworking, July 2021
Right-sizing your robotic welding investment
Canadian Fabricating & Welding, July 2021
The “Smart Factory Five” For Robotic Automation
Fabricating & Metalworking, June/July 2021
The Answer is Automation
Welding Productivity, June 2021
ABI Research Sees Cobots Market at $600M in 2021
Outlook Series, June 2021
Smart Robots for Intelligent Production
Fabricating & Metalworking, May 2021
Cobots in the Classroom
University of Memphis Magazine, Spring 2021
Bridging the Palletizing Production Gap with Robotic Automation
Canadian Packaging, May 2021
Full Circle Robotic Return on Investment
Industrial Machinery Digest, May 2021
The office v. home: Local companies defining right now what work will look in 2021 -- and beyond
Dayton Daily News, May 2021
What’s So Appealing About SCARA Robots?
Packaging Strategies, May 2021
What’s So Appealing About SCARA Robots?
Flexible Packaging, May 2021
Big Ideas
Welding Productivity, April 2021
Optimizing Cobotic Welding
Fabricating & Metalworking, March 2021
Robotics Adoption Survey Finds Ups, Downs, and a Few Surprises
Automation World, March 2021
Road to Recovery
FAB Shop Magazine Direct, March 2021
Small Yields Big
FAB Shop Magazine Direct, March 2021
PLC Integrated Robots: The Case for a Singular Control Architecture
Automation Canada, February 2021
Collaborative Strides
Welding Productivity, February 2021
Maximizing Your Collaborative Welding Investment
Fabricating & Metalworking, February 2021
Achieve robust ROI through robotic transfer automation
FFJournal, February 2021
You're Hired: Recruiting Mobile Robots
Automation World, January 2021
Selecting Droids
FAB Shop Magazine Direct, January 2021


The need for robotic offline programming in a COVID-19 world
Control Engineering, December 2020
Room for Robots
FAB Shop Magazine Direct, November 2020
A Cobot for End-of-Line Packaging
Packaging World, November 2020
Smarter Automation with Weld Traceability
Fabricating & Metalworking, October 2020
Best in Class: a rundown of the most popular robotic welding processes
Welding Productivity, October 2020
How Robots Smooth the Way for Woodworking Automation
Furniture & Joinery Production, October 2020
On the Cutting Edge: Robotic Wooden Pallet Disassembly
Pallet Central, Sep/Oct 2020 [pg 16]
The Smarter Way to Weld Tube
Fabricating & Metalworking, September 2020
Ready, Set, Robot!
Forming & Fabricating, September 2020
The New Now
FabShop Direct, September 2020
Five Questions with ARM Member Roger Christian
Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing, September 2020
What Jobs Do Robots Create?
Robotics Business Review, August 2020
What Jobs Have Robots Created?
Robotics Tomorrow, August, 2020
As E-Commerce Booms, Robots Pick Up Human Slack
Wall Street Journal, August 2020
Flexible robotics: high-performance robots can offer flexibility for success in today’s volatile marketplace
Welding Productivity, August 2020
FedEx introduces robots to ‘most difficult’ job in sorting facility
Robotics and Automation News, August 2020
Standard vs Collaborative: Finding the Right Robot for Your Shop
Fabricating & Metalworking, August 2020
Get a Grip
FAB Shop Magazine Direct, July 2020
Uniting Welders and Robots
The Welder, July 2020
Retooling for a Post-Pandemic Reality
Fabricating & Metalworking, June/July, 2020 [pg 29]
In a New Light: The 411 on Robotic Laser Welding
MetalForming, June/July, 2020
Automated Palletizer Systems Optimize Manufacturing, Save Time
Beverage Industry, June 2020
RBR50 Innovation Award: HC20XP
Robotics Business Review, June 2020
Programming Made Easy
Robotics Online, June 2020
Common Ground
Welding Productivity, June 2020
Robots Need Lubes, Too
Lubes’n’Greases, June 2020
Easy Wins: Adapting to a New Manufacturing Reality
Fabricating & Metalworking, May 2020
Back to the Basics: When and How to Automate Your Packaging Line
Packaging Strategies, May 2020
An Introduction to Robotic Cutting, Deburring and Finishing (CDF)
Fabricating & Metalworking, May 2020
How Coronavirus Has Changed Work Forever
Dayton Daily News, May 2020
Yaskawa Motoman Awarded BBB Torch Award
Dayton Daily News, April 2020
The Details of Vision-Guided Robotics
Quality Magazine, April 2020
Small Robots Play a Big Role in Automation
Assembly, April 2020
Hey, Job Shops: Time to Automate
Manufacturing Engineering, April 2020
Keep the human element in mind when choosing robots
Smart Manufacturing, March/April 2020
Innovative indoor farm in Butler County lets robot do the work
WCPO Channel 9 News, March 2020
Robot Developments for Automotive Applications
Automotive Design & Production, February 2020
Inspection and Detection: Who’s Doing What?
Packaging Technology Today, February 2020
Product handling systems evolve
Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery, February 2020
Upsizing with Jigless Welding
Fabricating & Metalworking, February 2020
Local inventors create prototype that can make painting roads safer, less expensive
Fox 8 News Cleveland, January 2020
Prepping for automation in the job shop
Canadian Metalworking, January 2020
How a growing trove of genetic data is informing medical breakthroughs [VIDEO]
PBS, January 2020
“Cold Turkey” Approach to Robotic Handling
Industrial Machinery Digest, January 2020


Using robots to achieve consistent year-round success
Plant Engineering, December 2019
Problem Solved: Robot safely, consistently trims rotomolded parts
Plastics Machinery Magazine, December 2019
Using robots to achieve consistent year-round success
Control Engineering, December 2019
Robots take the driver seat
Today’s Motor Vehicles, November/December 2019
How Robots Smooth Demand in a Fluctuating Market
Fabricating & Metalworking, November/December 2019
Flexibility: The Key to Packaging Productivity
Packaging Strategies, November 2019
Robotic Takeaways and Trends from FABTECH 2019
Robotics Business Review, November 2019
Collaborative or Traditional Robot? The Answer is – a “Hybrid”
Tooling & Production, November 2019
Robot Redo
FAB Shop Magazine Direct, November 2019
Software Enables Offline Set-Up of Robotic Palletizing Patterns
Manufacturing News, October 2019
Automaker robotic purchases surge
Today’s Motor Vehicles, October 2019
Weld Functions You Should Be Using
Fabricating & Metalworking, October 2019
Spot on
Welding Productivity, October 2019
Robotic Workcell Improves Weld Quality and Productivity
Manufacturing News, October 2019
“Batch-of-One” and “Ease-of-Use” – The Top Keywords at PackExpo
Design News, September 2019
Yaskawa Motoman Showcases Smart Pendant & New Cobot (Video)
Automation World, September 2019
Ohio State lab brings business, academics together to explore AI in manufacturing
Columbus Dispatch, September 2019
Ohio State gets world class artificial intelligence and robotics lab
ABC 6 News, September 2019
New Ohio State lab taps artificial intelligence to improve manufacturing
OSU News, September 2019
How to program a welding robot like a pro
The Welder, Sept/Oct 2019
Robots for Handling Heavy Loads
Assembly, September 2019
Added Value: The Importance of Aftermarket Care
Fabricating & Metalworking, September 2019
Up For the Challenge: The Realities of Running a Family-Owned Business
Welding Journal, September 2019
Avoiding Packaging Downtime
Food Engineering, September 2019
What Does “Collaborative” in Packaging Really Mean?
Packaging Strategies, August 2019
Universal View
Welding Productivity, August 2019
Robotics makes inroads to snack and bakery packaging operations
Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery, August 2019
Training Today’s Workforce to Fill the Skills Gap
Automation World, August 2019
New Cobot Can Be Handled by Novices
Plastics Machinery Magazine, August 2019
Finding Balance: Machine Tending Tips
Fabricating & Metalworking, August 2019
Mini Innovation
Welding Productivity, July 2019
Built to Compete
FabShop Magazine Direct, July 2019
Mini Innovation
Welding Productivity, June 2019
How to Maintain and/or Upgrade a Robot
Moldmaking Technology, June 2019
What Does “Collaborative” Really Mean?
Fabricating & Metalworking, June/July 2019
Best Practices
Shop Metalworking Technology, June 2019
Robotic Welding Workcell Sets New Pace at Freedman Seating
Freedman Seating, June 2019
ROS-Industrial for Real-World Solutions
Robotics Online, May 2019
On the edge of the robopocalypse
Canadian Packaging, May 2019
Rise of the Cobots! The Latest Tech from the Automate Conference (video)
It's Time for Robots at Automate2019 (video)
Quality Magazine, April 2019
Metrics that matter
FAB Shop Magazine Direct, May 2019
The Jig is Up: Flexible Part Positioning
Fabricating & Metalworking, May 2019
Smart Robot Teach Pendant Designed to be More Intuitive, April 2019
Robotic welding system helps chassis supplier exceed OEM requirements for safety-critical welds
The Fabricator, April 2019
Robotic Picking and Sorting Solutions
Workplace Material Handling & Safety, March 2019
Analysis: 5 Key Robotics Trends from ProMat and Automate 2019
Robotics Business Review, April 2019
Automation Becomes Viable
Packaging World, April 2019
Robotic Automation Good for Business
Canadian Packaging, March 2019
Easy Robotic Automation for a Stronger Workforce and Better ROI
Fabricating & Metalworking, March 2019
Robotic High-Mix Pallet Assembly for Productivity Gains
Canadian Packaging, February 2019
Free E-Book: The Landscape of Industrial Manufacturing and Warehouse Robots
Design News, February 2019
Here's how local companies use artificial intelligence right now
Dayton Daily News, February 2019
Ready to work with a smart robot? Some Dayton workers already are.
Dayton Daily News, February 2019
Deliberate Downtime
FAB Shop Magazine Direct, February 2019
Making Robots "Tick" for Your Operations
Fabricating & Metalworking, February 2019
System Integration in the automotive industry
Control Engineering, January 2019
Why a Pre-Engineered Cell Could Be the Better Buy: Industrial Robot Costs, January 2019
Well Handled Operations: An Easy Path to Profitability
Fabricating & Metalworking, January 2019
Simple Steps to VGR Implementation
Quality Magazine, January 2019

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