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Innovative indoor farm in Butler County lets robot do the work
WCPO Channel 9 News, March 2020
Inspection and Detection: Who’s Doing What?
Packaging Technology Today, February 2020
Product handling systems evolve
Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery, February 2020
Upsizing with Jigless Welding
Fabricating & Metalworking, February 2020
Local inventors create prototype that can make painting roads safer, less expensive
Fox 8 News Cleveland, January 2020
Prepping for automation in the job shop
Canadian Metalworking, January 2020
How a growing trove of genetic data is informing medical breakthroughs [VIDEO]
PBS, January 2020
“Cold Turkey” Approach to Robotic Handling
Industrial Machinery Digest, January 2020


Using robots to achieve consistent year-round success
Plant Engineering, December 2019
Problem Solved: Robot safely, consistently trims rotomolded parts
Plastics Machinery Magazine, December 2019
Using robots to achieve consistent year-round success
Control Engineering, December 2019
Robots take the driver seat
Today’s Motor Vehicles, November/December 2019
How Robots Smooth Demand in a Fluctuating Market
Fabricating & Metalworking, November/December 2019
Flexibility: The Key to Packaging Productivity
Packaging Strategies, November 2019
Robotic Takeaways and Trends from FABTECH 2019
Robotics Business Review, November 2019
Collaborative or Traditional Robot? The Answer is – a “Hybrid”
Tooling & Production, November 2019
Robot Redo
FabShop Magazine Direct, November 2019
Software Enables Offline Set-Up of Robotic Palletizing Patterns
Manufacturing News, October 2019
Automaker robotic purchases surge
Today’s Motor Vehicles, October 2019
Weld Functions You Should Be Using
Fabricating & Metalworking, October 2019
Spot on
Welding Productivity, October 2019
Robotic Workcell Improves Weld Quality and Productivity
Manufacturing News, October 2019
“Batch-of-One” and “Ease-of-Use” – The Top Keywords at PackExpo
Design News, September 2019
Yaskawa Motoman Showcases Smart Pendant & New Cobot (Video)
Automation World, September 2019
Ohio State lab brings business, academics together to explore AI in manufacturing
Columbus Dispatch, September 2019
Ohio State gets world class artificial intelligence and robotics lab
ABC 6 News, September 2019
New Ohio State lab taps artificial intelligence to improve manufacturing
OSU News, September 2019
How to program a welding robot like a pro
The Welder, Sept/Oct 2019
Robots for Handling Heavy Loads
Assembly, September 2019
Added Value: The Importance of Aftermarket Care
Fabricating & Metalworking, September 2019
Up For the Challenge: The Realities of Running a Family-Owned Business
Welding Journal, September 2019
Avoiding Packaging Downtime
Food Engineering, September 2019
What Does “Collaborative” in Packaging Really Mean?
Packaging Strategies, August 2019
Universal View
Welding Productivity, August 2019
Robotics makes inroads to snack and bakery packaging operations
Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery, August 2019
Training Today’s Workforce to Fill the Skills Gap
Automation World, August 2019
New Cobot Can Be Handled by Novices
Plastics Machinery Magazine, August 2019
Finding Balance: Machine Tending Tips
Fabricating & Metalworking, August 2019
Mini Innovation
Welding Productivity, July 2019
Built to Compete
FabShop Magazine Direct, July 2019
Mini Innovation
Welding Productivity, June 2019
How to Maintain and/or Upgrade a Robot
Moldmaking Technology, June 2019
What Does “Collaborative” Really Mean?
Fabricating & Metalworking, June/July 2019
Best Practices
Shop Metalworking Technology, June 2019
Robotic Welding Workcell Sets New Pace at Freedman Seating
Metalforming, June 2019
ROS-Industrial for Real-World Solutions
Robotics Online, May 2019
On the edge of the robopocalypse
Canadian Packaging, May 2019
Rise of the Cobots! The Latest Tech from the Automate Conference (video)
It's Time for Robots at Automate2019 (video)
Quality Magazine, April 2019
Metrics that matter
FabShop Magazine Direct, May 2019
The Jig is Up: Flexible Part Positioning
Fabricating & Metalworking, May 2019
Smart Robot Teach Pendant Designed to be More Intuitive, April 2019
Robotic welding system helps chassis supplier exceed OEM requirements for safety-critical welds
The Fabricator, April 2019
Robotic Picking and Sorting Solutions
Workplace Material Handling & Safety, March 2019
Analysis: 5 Key Robotics Trends from ProMat and Automate 2019
Robotics Business Review, April 2019
Automation Becomes Viable
Packaging World, April 2019
Robotic Automation Good for Business
Canadian Packaging, March 2019
Easy Robotic Automation for a Stronger Workforce and Better ROI
Fabricating & Metalworking, March 2019
Robotic High-Mix Pallet Assembly for Productivity Gains
Canadian Packaging, February 2019
The Case for Robotic Assembly of Custom Wood Pallets
Western Pallet Magazine, February 2019
Free E-Book: The Landscape of Industrial Manufacturing and Warehouse Robots
Design News, February 2019
Here's how local companies use artificial intelligence right now
Dayton Daily News, February 2019
Ready to work with a smart robot? Some Dayton workers already are.
Dayton Daily News, February 2019
Deliberate Downtime
FABSHOP Magazine Direct, February 2019
Making Robots "Tick" for Your Operations
Fabricating & Metalworking, February 2019
System Integration in the automotive industry
Control Engineering, January 2019
Why a Pre-Engineered Cell Could Be the Better Buy: Industrial Robot Costs, January 2019
Well Handled Operations: An Easy Path to Profitability
Fabricating & Metalworking, January 2019
Simple Steps to VGR Implementation
Quality Magazine, January 2019


The Smart Solution to End-of-Line Palletizing
Canadian Packaging, December 2018
Preparing for the "Holiday" Shutdown: Tips for Successful Robot Maintenance and Upgrades
Manufacturing.Net, December 2018
Time and Money: How Much Do Industrial Robots Cost?, December 2018
Pack Expo International Breaks Attendance Records
Beverage Industry, December 2018
Robotic Innovations Ignite OEM Opportunities
OEM, Winter 2018
Buying a Robot
FabShop Magazine Direct, December 2018
Welding Sensors
Today's Motor Vehicles, November/December 2018
Robotic Simulation to Bridge the Skills Gap
Fabricating & Metalworking, November/December 2018
Robots Become More Collaborative, Intuitive and Capable
Automation World, November 2018
Get a Grip: End-of-Arm Tooling Considerations for Your Cobot
Manufacturing AUTOMATION, November 2018
Robots Reach Farther
Plastics Machinery Magazine, November 2018
Robotic Welding
Shop Metalworking Technology, November 2018
PMMI: Increased Investment in Automation Benefits Consumer Packaged Goods Companies
Manufacturing.Net,October 2018
An "Easy Button" for Robot Programming
Packaging World,October 2018
Common Sense
Welding Productivity,October 2018
Building a Robotic Workcell Champion
Fabricating & Metalworking,October 2018
Talking Pack Expo with Yaskawa Motoman
Robotics Tomorrow,September 2018
Cobot Arms, Grippers Offer Manufacturers Value at IMTS
Robotics Business Review,September 2018
At IMTS, Vendors Aim to Make Robot Control Easier
Robotics Business Review,September 2018
The Best Thing at IMTS 2018? You Probably Already Have It
Industry Week,September 2018
Championing Robotics
FabShop Magazine Direct,September 2018
Maximizing Welding Productivity Per Square Foot with Yaskawa America Inc.
FFJournal, September 2018
Down to the Wire
Fabricating & Metalworking, September 2018
IMTS Day 3 - Robotics and Interconnected Machining, September 2018
Yaskawa Robotics Division at IMTS 2018
Design World, September 2018
Cobots and Other Robotic Arms
Automotive Design & Production, September 2018
How to Choose the Right Positioner for Your Robotic Welding Application
Fabricating & Metalworking,September 2018
Rising Through the Ranks: Entry-Level Jobs Paved the Way for Substantial Promotions
IEEE USA InSight, August 2018
Marion ground zero for Ohio's advanced robotics program
Marion Star, August 2018
Local robotics company, training center form manufacturing workforce partnership
Dayton Business Journal, August 2018
RAMTEC, Yaskawa Motoman partnership to put Ohio at the forefront of manufacturing industry
The Morrow County Sentinel, August 2018
Miami Valley business partnership aims to put Ohio at forefront of manufacturing industry
WRGT FOX 45 News, August 2018
New Ohio training program for advanced robotics to launch in 2019 school year
ABC 6 News, August 2018
Companies collaborating to build new types of robotics
WDTN NBC 2 News, August 2018
Miami Valley business partnership aims to put Ohio at forefront of manufacturing industry
WKEF ABC 22 News, August 2018
Simplified Programming of New Pallet Configurations
Packaging World, August 2018
Robotics Improve Snack and Bakery Packaging Operations
Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery, August 2018
Servo-Controlled Robotic Spot Guns More Compact than Fluid Powered, August 2018
Robots, Reshoring and Redeployment
Industrial Machinery Digest, August 2018
Can-do Attitude
Welding Productivity, August 2018
Self-Integrating a Robotic Welding System
Fabricating & Metalworking, August 2018
Advanced Robotics, Turnkey Workcells, Collaborative Technology and More to Increase Productivity
Fabricating & Metalworking, July 2018
Eye Spy: The Basics of Robot Vision Systems, July 2018
The Resurgence of Vision Guided Robotics
Quality Magazine, July 2018
The Right Fit: Retrofitting Automation Solutions for Future Success
Manufacturing AUTOMATION, June 2018
Robotic Guidelines for the Production of Safety Critical Welds
Fabricating & Metalworking, June 2018
Tight Quarters
Welding Productivity, June 2018
Tips for Successful Robotic Aluminum Welding
The Welder, May/June 2018
How to Pick, Pitch and Purchase Your First Industrial Robot, May 2018
Cobots in Manufacturing
Shop Metalworking Technology, May 2018
Eliminate Tedious Programming on Robotic Palletizers
OEM, Spring 2018
Don't Spec a Welding Robot Until You've Done This
Fabricating & Metalworking, May 2018
Collaborative robot works safely with a human being and "turns" bartender at FEIMEC
Avoz da Indústria, April 2018
Are Robots Taking Our Jobs?
Access, April 2018
Taking Automation to a New Level with Advances in 3D Vision
Advanced Manufacturing, April 2018
The What, Why and How of Delta Robots, March 2018
The New Relevance for Packaging Automation
Food Manufacturing, March 2018
National Robotics Week Sparking Student Interest in STEM Careers
WDTN Channel 2 News, March 2018
Controllers and Industrial PCs Get Smaller and Smarter
Automation, March 2018
Robotic ROI
Welding Productivity, March 2018
Don't Spec a Welding Robot Until You've Done This
WeldFab Tech Times, February/March 2018
Narrowing the Skills Gap
Advanced Manufacturing, February 2018
Automation Helps Product Handling Equipment Evolve
Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery, February 2018
Aye, Robot!
Automotive Engineering, February 2018
Yaskawa America Launches Online Robotic Welding Payback Calculator
The Fabricator, February 2018
The Robot Revolution: The New Age of Manufacturing | Moving Upstream
Wall Street Journal, February 2018
The Search for Better Trailer Welding
Trailer Body Builders, January 2018
Introducing Your First Robot
Canadian Fabricating & Welding, January 2018
Pack Expo Las Vegas 2017 Innovations Report
Packaging World, January 2018


The State of Industrial Robots
Industry Week, December 2017
Industry Views: Filling the Skills Gap
Efficient Plant, December 2017
Artificial Intelligence-Driven Automation
Automation World, December 2017
Robotic Welding - A Thing of Beauty
The Fabricator, December 2017
Your Master Welder Can Program This Robot
ENGINEERING.COM, December 2017
The New Cobot on the Block: Yaskawa's HC10
ENGINEERING.COM, November 2017
FABTECH 2017: Scenes from the Show
Trailer/Body Builders, November 2017
FABTECH 2017 - Opening Day 
The Fabricator, November 2017
Welding Productivity, October 2017
Mobile Robots Deliver Material Handling Flexibility
Automation World, October 2017
Cloning Master Welders with Robotics
Control Engineering, October 2017
Robots Gain Optional Software
Plastics Machinery Magazine, October 2017
Robots, Shop Personnel Collaborate, Maximizing Synergy and Safety
Advanced Manufacturing, September 2017
Robots Get Mobile
Assembly, September 2017
The True Cost of Cobots
Moldmaking Technology, September 2017
Growing Wet Wipes Business Automates Case Packing, Palletizing
Packaging World, August 2017
FTC Head Wants to Study Artificial Intelligence
FOX News, August 2017
Food Just Got Faster
Food Manufacturing, July/August 2017
Robotic Piece Picking Tipping Point
Modern Materials Handling, July 2017
Lights Out!
Modern Materials Handling, July 2017
Versatile, Six-Axis Robots Growing in Popularity
Plastics Machinery Magazine, June 2017
Cloning Master Welders with Robotics
Robotics Online, June 2017
Upgrades to Collaborative Robots Bring Cost Savings
Plastics Machinery Magazine, June 2017
How Yaskawa Plans to Serve the Cobot Industry
Cobots Guide, May 2017
What Makes a Cobot?
Cobots Guide, May 2017
A Visit to a Robot Factory in Ohio
The Atlantic, May 2017
Robots, Humans Collaborate on Safety
Control Engineering, May 2017
The Vision for Robotic Vision
Automation World, May 2017
Automation is the Solution — Not the Problem — When it Comes to Job Creation
Plastics Today, May 2017
Yaskawa Motoman Enters Collaborative Robot Market with Motoman HC10, May 2017
Robotics Company Shows Off How Newest Robot Works
Fox 45 News, May 2017
New Competition in the Workforce; Robots Taking Over Jobs in the Miami Valley
Fox 45 News, May 2017
LabDroids: How About Drug Discovery Faster, Better, Cheaper?
Asian Robotics Review, April 2017
The Robotmakers - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Robotics Online, April 2017
Welding Robots Can Help with Skilled Worker Shortage
Robotics Business Review, April 2017
Cobots and Mobile Robots Stand Out at Automate 2017
Machine Design, April 2017
8 Considerations for Collaborative Robots
Packaging Digest, April 2017
Hottest and Most Useful Robotic Technologies at Automate 2017
Robotic Tips, April 2017
Aluminum Welding
Shop Metalworking Technology, April 2017
What's New with Six-Axis Robots?
Assembly, April 2017
Robots, Humans Collaborate on Safety
Plant Engineering, March 2017
42 companies empowering robots and humans to work side-by-side
The Robot Report, March 2017
At Automate 2017, Robots Will Rule
Machine Design, March 2017
The 2017 RBR50 List Names Robotics Industry Leaders, Innovators
Robotics Business Review, March 2017
Using Robotics to Cope with the Shortage of Welders
Advanced Manufacturing Now Podcasts, March 2017
How to Work Alongside a Robot
Trailer Body Builders, March 2017
Overcoming Obstacles with 3D Vision Technologies
Fabricating & Metalworking, February 2017
Robotic Welding Cells Helps Tank Manufacturer Bridge Welding Skills Gap
The Fabricator, February 2017
Product Handling Equipment Evolves to Address Product Changeover, Productivity
Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery, February 2017
Top 40 Robot Blogs and Websites on the Web
Feedspot Blog, February 2017
Sorting through the Details of an Automation Solution
Mayo Clinic Insights, February 2017
I, Cobot
Welding Productivity, January 2017
Automation + Jobs: Not a Zero-Sum Equation 
Automation World, January 2017
The Smart Factory: Welding & Robotics Automation
Fabricating & Metalworking, January 2017


Cobots Take Center Stage
Fabricating & Metalworking, December 2016
Programming Industrial Robots by Hand with Kinetiq Teaching
ENGINEERING.COM, December 2016
Robotic Palletizer Boosts Production, Prevents Injuries
Industry Week, December 2016
Top 10 New Fabricating Technologies
Industrial Equipment News, November 2016
An Easily Programmed Robot Arm Uses Industry Accepted PLC Add-On Instructions
Packaging World, November 2016
Need Welders? Automation Can Help!
Practical Welding Today, November 2016
STEM Education is Critical to a Vibrant Manufacturing Future
Industry Week, October 2016
The Robots are Coming!
New Equipment Digest, October 2016
The Winner of the Robot Battles Is...Coexistence
Automation World, October 2016
Manufacturers Struggle to Woo Software Developers
The Wall Street Journal, October 2016
Pharmaceutical Packaging: Getting Ahead of the Competition
Packaging Strategies, October 2016
The Mobile Cobots Are Coming
Modern Machine Shop, October 2016
A Wicked-Good Solution: Robotic Palletizer Doubles Production at Red Devil
Packaging World, September 2016
Collaborative Robots and Safety Hand in Hand
Robotics Online, September 2016
Forecasting the Future for Pharmacy Automation
Healthcare Packaging, September 2016
Case Study: Yaskawa Improves Turnaround Time and Accuracy for Automated Reference Lab
Design World, August 2016
Coming Soon: Robots for the Everyday Company
Austin Business Journal, August 2016
How aXatronics Robot Learned to Tie Ribbons on Chocolate Boxes
Candy Industry, July 2016
Robotic Bow-Tying System Adds Personal Touch to Chocolate Boxes
Packaging World, July 2016
A Lifelong Tinkerer Who’s Taking Robots to the People
The New York Times, July 2016
The Co-bots are Calling
Automation World, June 2016
Small Footprint, BIG Productivity
Welding Productivity, May 2016
Industrial Robot News Heats Up
Automation World, April 2016
Robot Projects Small Shop’s Progressive Attitude
Canadian Fabricating & Welding, April 2016
Robots and Humans – Let the Collaboration Begin
NASA Tech Briefs, April 2016
STEM students learn about importance of robots
WDTN, April 2016
Developing Manufacturing Workers Who Are Job-Ready on Day One
Manufacturing Tomorrow, March 2016
Executive Perspectives: Robotics
NASA Tech Briefs, March 2016
Industry Adapting to Collaborative Robots
Automation World, March 2016
Google’s Robot Rivals Are Thriving as Search Giant Sells
Industry Week, March 2016
Livestock Feed Maker Speeds up Changeover for Palletizing Operations
Robotic Tips, March 2016
User-Friendly and Adaptable: New Robotic Packers Move onto Production Lines
Direct Industry E-Magazine, March 2016
A Reason to Identify and Connect Talent
Chief Learning Officer, February 2016
Developing Manufacturing Workers Who Are Job-Ready on Day One
Industry Week, February 2016
Best Practices: Robot speeds process at Berry Plastics
Plastics News, January 2016 -  


Industrial Robotics Simplifying the Welding Process, December 2015
From Stress to Success
Dayton City Paper, November 2015
Yaskawa Motoman pushes the edge of robotics field
Dayton Daily News, November 2015
Company creates robots of the future
Dayton Daily News, October 2015
Six-axis robots evolving into must-have equipment
Plastics Machinery Magazine, October 2015
How SMEs in the Know Win with Automation
Robotics Online, October 2015
Industrial robots now save time, money
The Columbus Dispatch, October 2015
Collaborative functionality in a robot space
Packaging World, October 2015
Yaskawa introduced its new motion control system of machines, at Pack Expo 2015
el empaque, October 2015
Teaching Robots to Weld
Welding Productivity, September/October 2015
Robot Controls Become More Intuitive
The Molding Blog, September 2015
Robots Working Eye to Eye with Humans
Industry Week, September 2015
Robots Enhance Packing & Palletizing Operations
Packaging World, August 2015
Automation advances
Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery, August 2015
Sinclair and Motoman sign workforce development deal
Dayton Business Journal, August 2015
Breaking down the robot-factory language barrier
Robotics Tomorrow, August 2015
Robots and Their Killer Moves
Automation World, July 2015
How Many Arms Should a Robot Have?
The Wall Street Journal, June 2015
A Robotic Approach to Refueling Satellites
Design News, May 2015
A Google-Backed Robot Exhibit Opens Thursday at the Museum of Science and Industry
ChicagoInno, May 2015
Robotic welder gives students more workforce value
Brainerd Dispatch, May 2015
13 Automation Game Changers that Ease Engineering Tasks
Packaging World, April 2015
Adding Value with Robots
Moldmaking Technology, April 2015
Robots Start Getting Personal
Automation World, April 2015
Closing the Skills Gap in Automation: A Call for Action
Robotics Online, April 2015
Robot keeps operators safe in medical manufacturing
Automation World, April 2015
Transportation Industry - A Robust Target for Fabricating Technologies
Fabricating Product News, April 2015
Welding Automation 
Fabricating & Metalworking, March 2015
Collaborative Robots Play Nice on the Floor
Global Spec, March 2015
Evana Automation Engineers Safety, Efficiency for Leading Medical Device Manufacturer
Plastics Today, March 2015
Robots Ready to Go Beyond the Norm
Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery, March 2015
People to Know: Robot Graff
Columbus Business First, March 2015
Yaskawa’s World of Warehouse Robots
Material Handling & Logistics, March 2015
Automate 2015
Control & Robotics Laboratory, March 2015
Automate 2015  Preview
Red Orbit, March 2015
So Much to See, So Little Time to See It
Fabricating Product News, February 2015
One and Only Automation Showcase for Robotics, Vision and Motion Control
Robotics Online, February 2015
Collaborative Robots Lend a Helping Hand
Cutting Tool Engineering, January 2015
Machine Vision Moves Industrial, Collaborative Robots
Vision Online, January 2015
Robotics 2015 and Beyond: Collaboration, Connectivity, Convergence
Robotics Online, January 2015
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