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Harness the power of positive robot impact! Whether you have a single robot or a fleet of them, Yaskawa is committed to helping customers enhance their competitive edge. A simple and effective approach for doing this is by highlighting your successful integration of Yaskawa robots through a case study or testimonial. By sharing the solutions used and the outcomes achieved, your company can be showcased as a forward-thinking industry leader to the markets you serve.

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AMI Case Study

Combatting the Welder Shortage with Robotics and Automation

AMI Attachments uses robot automation for an advantage in weld quality and cycle time!

Ajax Case Study

Robotic Workcell Sparks Welding Trifecta at Ajax

An ArcWorld® LC welding workcell enables greater quality, efficiency and safety for optimized operations.

eKAMI Case Study

Action-Based Education Yields Innovative Workforce

Students at eKAMI train on Yaskawa HC10 collaborative robots, preparing for work in real-world CNC shops.

USC Case Study

Forward-Thinking Education Trains Future Innovators

Students at the USC Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CAM) learn with cutting-edge Yaskawa robots.

RoadPrintz Case Study

Where Automation Meets the Road

Extended reach GP20HL robot enables safe, efficient and affordable pavement marking for contractors, municipalities and more.

GKN Case Study

Consistent Workforce

Leading powder metal products producer, GKN, leverages a plethora of robot advantages to increase throughput and reduce scrap.

BWI SCARA Case Study

Space-efficient SCARA Solution Proves to Be the Right Fit

Leading chassis supplier and manufacturer of vehicle brake and suspension systems, BWI Group implements fast, compact SCARA robot for end-of-line part transfer.

IMO Foods Case Study

Bridging the Palletizing Production Gap with Robotic Automation

Food Manufacturer, IMO Foods Ltd., optimizes throughput with a GP25 robot for end-of-line packaging, while alleviating worker fatigue and maximizing floorspace.

BWI Welding Case Study

Robotic Welding System Helps Chassis Supplier Exceed OEM Requirements

Leading chassis supplier and manufacturer of vehicle brake and suspension systems exceeds OEM requirements for safety-critical welds with a customized ArcWorld workcell.

Freedman Seating Case Study

Robotic Welding Workcell Sets New Pace at Freedman Seating

Manufacturer and supplier of mass-transportation seating products implements a custom two-station workcell for the welding of foldaway seat joints, improving quality and throughput, while bolstering their workforce.

Paint/Varnish Case Study

The Value of Robotic Paint Performance Testing

A riser-mounted MPX1150 robot that is Factory Mutual approved for Class I, Div. 1 use in hazardous environments enables precise, consistent coating for paint performance testing.

McVantage Group Case Study

On the Cutting-Edge: Robotic Wooden Pallet Disassembly

A wooden packaging products manufacturer implements a robotic bandsaw with an six-axis Yaskawa handling robot, providing the reliability needed to meet year-round production demand.

MAHA USA Case Study

Robotic Workcell Improves Weld Quality and Productivity

A manufacturer of premium workshop equipment for vehicle maintenance replaces inefficient robotic technology with a custom four-station welding workcell, reducing scrap and eliminating rework due to poor quality welds.

MAHA USA Case Study

Down to the Wire

A custom robotic workcell with vision-guided robots helps a leading producer of wire partition products increase consistency and throughput, dropping cycle time by 50 percent.

Customer Testimonials
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