News / January 2024 / Integrated Decapper Option Expands AutoSorter 1200 Functionality

Dayton, OH (January 2024) — Well-suited for addressing multiple challenges within clinical laboratory environments, the highly flexible and compact AutoSorter™ 1200 with integrated decapper option is ideal for labs that need to automate their sorting and decapping processes at a high rate with minimal footprint.
Considered to be the standard for robust, accurate specimen sorting in high-throughput commercial or reference laboratories, the AutoSorter 1200 is Yaskawa’s high-speed sorting instrument for pre- and post-analytic specimen processing that can manage workflow for up to 1,200 tubes per hour. A well-established laboratory automation solution for clinical diagnostics, drug discovery and research purposes, the AutoSorter’s large sort deck area yields extended walkaway times and expanded deck configuration options, while its reduced footprint saves precious lab floorspace.
Extremely reliable and safe, AutoSorter 1200 provides improved processing accuracy, specimen traceability and relieves laboratory staff of repetitive tasks and exposure to infection. A wide variety of specimen container configurations and instrument racks are supported. AutoSorter 1200 may be used as a standalone workcell for “task-targeted” specimen processing (AutoSorter 1200S), or it may be connected to a track system (AutoSorter 1200T) as part of an integrated pre- or post-analytic specimen processing system. Highly flexible, the workcell may be positioned against a wall or next to other instruments, as all maintenance access is from the front of the instrument.
One of several options, the AutoSorter with decapper feature is able to prepare the majority of incoming samples for direct transfer to analytics (i.e., read bar code, register with LIS, decap as required, orient tube for placements in target rack as needed, and load to target rack). Rapid, reliable and safe removal of closures for most common cap types is possible. Durably designed for high duty cycle use and a long service life, continuous operation is maintained while drawers are accessed for loading and unloading. A foil sealer option is also available.
With over 100 years in robotics and automation, including over 20 years of experience in the clinical diagnostics laboratory, each multi-function instrument in the AutoSorter product line (AutoSorter 1200, AutoSorter 2000 and AutoSorter XN) can be customized to meet unique specimen requirements. Other standalone workcells for task-specific processes are also available, with capabilities including: sorting, aliquoting, decapping/recapping, thawing/mixing, centrifugation, and archive storage and retrieval.


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