News / Yaskawa Motoman Introduces VA1400 II Robot for High-Density Layouts

Dayton, OH (November 2015) — Fast and highly flexible, the new 7-axis Motoman® VA1400 II welding robot dramatically increases freedom of movement and maintains proper welding posture at all times. Located in the lower arm, its seventh axis (E-axis) acts as an elbow, providing improved torch access into tight places and allowing the robot to easily reach both sides of a part. Available in floor-, wall- or ceiling mounted configurations and ideal for high-density layouts, the space-saving VA1400 II robot increases productivity and provides the ultimate in welding performance. The VA1400 II is compatible with the DX200 controller which is more energy efficient and designed for improved maintainability.

The VA1400 II robot has a 1,434 mm horizontal reach, 2,475 mm vertical reach and ±0.08 mm repeatability. It features integrated through-the-arm torch cabling, which eliminates cable interference, simplifies programming and reduces cable wear. Power cable and welding utilities (gas and air hoses) can be routed through the robot base.

The VA1400 II is perfectly suited for use in high-density workcells with multiple robots working in close proximity, as well as for applications that require access to parts in tight spots or those with potential interference from fixtures. The superior welding access provided by the VA1400 II's seventh axis often makes it possible to consolidate cells and simplify equipment by eliminating the need for a part positioner.

The DX200 controller features patented multiple robot control technology to easily handle multiple tasks and control up to eight robots (72 axes). The DX200 has been designed to improve process capability, reduce energy usage, and improve maintainability and safety. An enhanced Functional Safety Unit (FSU) provides control-reliable zone and tool position monitoring, standstill monitoring and speed limiting. This can reduce costs for safeguarding hardware, and it provides capabilities such as collaborative tasks. It is compliant to ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012 and other relevant ISO and CSA safety standards.

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