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ArcWorld 200 and 500

Having multiple parts to weld doesn't always require the use of multiple complex workcells. The ArcWorld® 200 and 500 series offer two workstations with choice of table or part positioner–you can even mix and match. Process different parts in each workstation, or double up production on the same part. The compact size and common base allow you to deploy this system quickly on your shop floor.


Cost- and Space-Efficient

ArcWorlds arrive at your facility pre-assembled on a common base for quick setup and relocation. These two-station workcells can occupy a typical single-station space.

Optimal Flexibility & Workflow

Able to handle parts up to 1 m in size and total payloads up to 550 kg. The two-station setup allows for quick changeovers for a higher mix of part variations.

Maximum Throughput

Weld with a dual-station design that enables you to maximize uptime for higher volume runs, improving both speed and quality.


Workcell Design

  • Customizable, dual-station workcells designed for small- to medium-sized parts or medium quantity production runs.

  • Complete workcell is mounted on a common base with integrated cable management.

  • Each workstation features an electrically driven metal barrier door with two-second cycle time.

  • Functional Safety Unit (FSU) ensures robot operation in areas clear of operator presence.

Equipment Included

  • A single high-speed Motoman® AR1440 arc welding robot services both workstations.

  • YRC1000 robot controller equipment with Universal Weldcom Interface.

  • Broad compatibility of welding power supply, torch and accessories.

  • Tooling can be quickly changed. Each workstation can be tooled for different parts or be used for sequential operations.

Workpiece Capacity

  • AW200 features 600 mm x 1300 mm workstations designed for stationary tooling or tack table.

  • AW200 risers are provided to allow end users to place their own tooling in workstation.

  • AW500 workstation includes an MHT185 positioner that is rated for 550-kg payload capacity and features coordinated motion with the robot.


Inside an ArcWorld

Learn more about our versatile ArcWorld 500 workcells for small- to medium-sized parts.

ArcWorld in Action

Watch how operators can remove and load parts in safety, while robots expertly weld.

Which ArcWorld?

Which ArcWorld is Right for You?

ArcWorlds reduce cost, engineering and delivery time.
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