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Weld Smarter

Supercharge your cycle times and boost weld accuracy with robotic welding accessories built by Yaskawa Motoman, including external-axis weld positioners, seam finding and laser inspection.

Weld Sensors + Inspection Equipment

Weld sensors can drastically improve quality and consistency while reducing downtime caused by adjustments to fixturing and robot programming. Yaskawa Motoman offers several seam finding, seam tracking and weld inspection hardware/software options that match your budget and quality requirements.   

Knowing When Sensors Make Sense

AccuFast seam finder for robotic welding

Position Your Part for Success

Maximize cycle times with a variety of external axis positioners that coordinate with robot motion to reach more welds in shorter travel times. See our selection of rotating fixtures, track and gantry options:

Weld Positioners, Gantries + Servo Tracks


Advanced Welding Functions

With an experienced team of welding experts, Yaskawa Motoman has developed a robust library of welding-specific controller functions that enable faster teaching, precise path control, traceability and coordinated motion:

Welding Functions


Welding Torches + Accessories

Yaskawa's own MIG welding torch kits feature a robust heat-sink cooling-fin design that prolongs consumable and torch life. Now you can order torches, parts, cleaning stations and anti-spatter equipment directly from Yaskawa.

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Unlock the Full Potential of Robotic Welding

Ensure success in your next robotic welding project with unmatched operational and application support included for the life of every robot. Combine that with our renowned service and training programs, and Yaskawa Motoman stands alone as your best partner to minimize risk and maximize return on your investment.

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