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Top Ten Reasons for Adding Robots to Your Warehouse or Distribution Center
White paper: "Understanding the 3Rs of Robotic Piece-Picking"



Robotic Order Fulfillment

If you're not yet excited about robotic piece-picking and how it can benefit your intralogistics operations, you should be. The rapid growth in the industry is being addressed with rapid innovation in automation technologies.

Yaskawa Motoman partners with top innovators in machine learning, vision and grasping technology to deliver flexible robotic solutions designed specifically for piece-picking and other tasks in the order fulfillment process.



Make handling of random items faster and smarter with intelligent 3D vision and interactive motion control. Ideal for automating random bin picking, order fulfillment, machine tending and part induction.

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Modular Piece-Picking

This drop-in piece-picking solution from RightHand Robotics is the future of e-commerce order fulfillment, combining the performance of traditional automation with the flexibility of traditional workflows.

Parcel Sorting

Quickly and accurately perform automated sorting with this robotic system from Dorabot. Robots with purpose-built grippers utilize cameras and barcode readers to handle randomly-presented packages.



Program your robotic palletizing lines from your PC to your PLC.

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3D Bin Picking

3D-vision picking solution with CAD-based teaching.

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Smart Pendant

Intuitive and powerful robot programming

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