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Yaskawa offers several integrated options for robot programming to give you the optimal combination of simplicity and capability for your operation. Choose from standard pendant programming to our intuitive new Smart Pendant. Or use our powerful software tools that enable you to utilize ladder logic, simulation, open source languages and more.

Teach Pendants

Capability Meets Simplicity

Included with each Yaskawa Motoman robot is a teach pendant, used by robot programmers and operators to build and execute robot jobs. In addition to our standard pendant, HC-Series cobots and select GP-Series models offer users an option to use the Smart Pendant - bringing you simple-to-use, intuitive programming capability with minimal upfront training.


Smart Pendant

► Designed for easy use by novice robot programmers.
► Applications include: Assembly, Pick and Place, Machine Tending, Part Transfer, Palletizing.
► Intuitive graphic interface and help text mitigates retraining requirements.
► Compatible with limited robot models.

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Standard Pendant

► Designed for efficient use by trained robot programmers.
► For all robotic applications.
► Compatible with all Motoman robot models.
► Full library of INFORM language commands.
► Ergonomically designed for extended use.

Functions Reference

Programming Software

To aid with ease of use and faster application development, Yaskawa Motoman offers a suite of software technology to enable a number of alternative approaches to programming.


From PC to PLC: Program Your Way

► Offline programming via simulation software, such as MotoSim EG-VRC and several other compatible third-party suites.
► PLC-integrated options such as MLX300 and MotionWorks IEC enable robot programming via ladder logic or function blocks.
► Program Motoman robots using open-source tools such as ROS-I Driver.

Direct Teaching

Hand-Guided Collaborative Teaching

Our HC-Series robots for collaborative applications come equipped with a Direct Teach collar that enables you to set teach points and engage grippers through hand-guided movement.


HC-Series Cobot Models

HC10XP Welding Cobot

Programming Resources

Training & Support to Ensure Your Success

Our mission is to help you get the most from your robot investment by offering best-in-class support services. For programming, we offer self-service reference tools, 24-hour technical support, and several in-person and remote training options through the Yaskawa Academy.

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