Bin Picking

Robotics and Vision for Your Mix of Inventory


Vision becomes reality as 3D image recognition, combined with flexible robotic handling, are improving pick rates and accuracy in more environments than ever. Whether you're an order fulfillment house or a busy assembly operation, automating the distribution of a broad and varied mix of parts or SKUs is no longer a challenge. New approaches to 3D vision robotics are improving both speed and accuracy in identifying and sorting nearly any mix of inventory presented in bins, totes, cases or cartons.


MotoSight 3D BinPick

Loose Parts and Bulk Units

Automate your bin picking with a single-step solution for handling randomly presented parts.



  • Ideal for manufacturing facilities that must process parts from bins.

  • Identify up to 200 different parts simply and accurately through 3D CAD uploads - no programming required.

  • Single step 3D camera recognition streamlines your process.

  • Integrated lighting improves speed and accuracy.

    Datasheet (PDF)

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