Academy / Virtual Training

Yaskawa Academy now offers the following instructor-led virtual training courses in the convenience of your workspace and even from home! We will continue to offer Virtual Training courses after COVID-19 is no longer an issue. This will extend our capabilities and bring training closer to you, without incurring travel expenses.

Virtual Training Courses Offered


  • All Virtual Training classes will be delivered live via WEBEX by our certified robotic instructors.

  • An overview of the training class description can be viewed by clicking on the above links.

  • Online registration(s) are done by clicking on the links above and completing the registration form.

  • All students will require reliable internet access to attend and participate in class exercises.

  • Lectures will be delivered using our E-Learning Modules. For class exercises, we will be using RemotePC® connected directly to our MotoSim EG/VRC simulation software computers. Therefore, loading our simulation software will not be required.

  • Extra time to practice programming exercises will be available before and after class, at no additional charge until the conclusion of the training class itself has concluded.

  • Class confirmations will be sent via email and will provide details of class start times and end times.

  • Successfully attending Virtual Training classes will satisfy the prerequisites for the more advanced training classes.

Other Distance Learning Options

Specific Training Topics / Question & Answer Sessions

  • Blocks of time can be purchased on a one-on-one basis with a certified instructor and can be used for multiple sessions, until time has expired.

  • All sessions will be rounded off to the nearest 15-minute interval.

  • To fully utilize time effectively, we request that a list of specific topics be identified prior to the Q & A session and any specific questions be addressed.

  • Send inquiries to or call 937-847-3307

E-Learning Modules Available


  • Self-paced and completed at your convenience anywhere on any device.

  • Loading of any software is not required.

  • Used as a primer for instructor-led training classes to become more familiar with the terms and concepts of programming.

  • Used as a refresher course to maintain proficiency using the training material obtained in the instructor-led classes.

  • E-Learning Modules are available for 90 days after request is processed.

Additional Resources

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