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AutoPak Engineering Corporation

Written by AutoPak Engineering | Jun 25, 2016 9:28:45 PM

AutoPak Engineering Corporation is a service-oriented company with one goal: to provide the finest solutions at the best value to our customers/partners. We are a packaging equipment manufacturer and integrator, offering from custom turnkey systems (design, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning) to individual components in material handling, hard and soft automation, robotic applications and system logic controls and/or computer database logic. With our comprehensive product line and equipment database, we can provide the best available system to fulfill your packaging needs. AutoPak’s automation services are focused on the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic industries, aiming to improve human productivity, quality, and safety. AutoPak specializes exclusively in the packaging and material handling areas of the industry.

Experienced project managers and engineers will manage all aspects of your project: overall observance of requirements and timetable, preliminary and detailed design, machine specification, conveying and buffer requirements, contractor and client meetings, equipment and component shipments, equipment inspections and start-up, installation punch list, documentation, quality control, etc. They will provide status reports and will foresee future requirements for the project’s timely completion.


  • Unit material handling applications: conveying, orienting, accumulation, stacking, component verification, sorting, feeding, counting, bar code/2d matrix/RFID/vision systems and packing
  • Cartoning, traying
  • Pouch handling systems
  • Accumulators, pick-and-place systems
  • Palletizers and depalletizers

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