Robotic System Integrators and Distributors


Written by Doolim Yaskawa | May 11, 2017 10:01:00 PM

DOOLIM-YASKAWA is a leader in the automation of painting and sealing in Korea and supplies top quality equipment to global customers in more than 10 countries. We serve the automotive industry, Tier 1 market and general industries such as home appliances, transportation, furniture, etc.


  • Painting technology : Paint analysis technology, painting system application technology, painting system installation technology, quality testing, and equipment testing technology
  • Robotic painting system application technology : Robotic painting motion control technology (preliminary test using simulation technology), and robotic painting system installation technology
  • Control Technology (Software) : Installation technology, design technology, software technology, and equipment testing technology
  • Additional core technologies : Customer education, before- and after-sales service, etc.

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