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Massman Automation Designs, LLC

Written by Massman Automation | Jun 27, 2016 7:35:00 AM

Massman Automation Designs, LLC has been providing innovative packaging systems for over 30 years to a wide variety of industries. We are proud of the reputation we have established over the years as a supplier of automated packaging systems and equipment solutions. We approach our customers' automation needs as an opportunity to develop long-term relationships and life-long support of the solution. By providing dependable equipment, excellent technical support, and very responsive customer service, you have our assurance that Massman Automation Designs will be there to support your automation requirements.


  • Case Packing
  • Flex Picking
  • Robotic Palletizing
  • Vision
  • Cartoning

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1010 East Lake Street
Villard MN 56385