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proiii.jpgProfesionales en Ingeniería e Instalaciones Industriales is a company specialized on providing Engineering, Electrical and Mechanical Installation and Support services, with efficiency and quality, to companies manufacturing products for Automotive, Foundry and Food Services, while concentrating our abilities to ensure the complete satisfaction of our clients.

SERVICES: WE OFFER THE FOLLOWING PRODUCTS: 1. PLC Design and programming 2. Robotic programming and simulation 3. Industrial installation : mechanical, electrical, pipefitting 4. Electrical and Controls 5. Machine Safety 6. Control and Electrical Cabinets 7. Processing and Design & Manufacturing (tooling) 8. 9. Outsourcing

Profesionales en Ingeniería e Instalaciones Industriales es una compañía especializada en diseño, automatización e instalación de equipos industriales, contamos con gran experiencia en administración, ingeniería e innovación dentro de la industria de la automatización



  • Automotive projects

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Av. Isidoro Sepúlveda No. 690 L 17
Apodaca NLE 66633
Web: www.proiii.com