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TW Automation

TW-Automation-Logo-DKBLUE.pngTW Automation, Inc. is proud to offer the finest in robotics. If your application involves welding, cutting, material removal, or material handling, TW Automation can provide you with a complete system and the necessary training to streamline your manufacturing process.

TW Automation, Inc. was founded in 1996 as Tec Weld Automation to provide regional manufacturers with custom-designed robotic systems that assist in reducing labor and production costs while increasing productivity and profitability. TW Automation has achieved an exceptional reputation in the fields of robotic system manufacturing, programming, training, and customer support.

Simple teaching methods quickly result in operator acceptance. This combination assures greatly increased welding or cutting production with significantly decreased costs. TW Automation is committed to providing our customers the most professional equipment and personal service, from analysis of need, selection of equipment, floor layout, installation, training, and service, resulting in cost effective production.


  • Arc Welding
  • Plasma Cutting
  • External Axis
  • Sensors

Contact Info

1721 SE 9th Street
Newton KS 67114
Web: www.tw-automation.com