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FSU Overview (DX200) @Yaskawa Montreal


Who Should Attend

This is a course designed for programmers and controls personnel who are responsible for setting up the Functional Safety Unit on their DX200 controllers

Course Overview

This course is a 1 day overview of the Functional Safety Unit that is available on the DX200 controller. We will also review Safety I/O that may be used with or without the FSU.

Course Materials

Students will receive a copy of the FSU training manual.


 - setting up TCP and tool interference file - Safety mode - Axis range - Robot Range


this is a 1 day overview course

Course Details

2018 - le 27 aout, le 5 novembre

1 day

before June 1 - $300 CAN

after June 1 - $400 CAN

If you require assistance,
please call 905-813-5940.