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NX100/DX100/DX200 Advanced Maintenance

Advanced mechanical maintenance

Who Should Attend

This new course is designed for electricians and millwrights who have already taken NX100, DX100 or DX200 Maintenance but want more advanced training on advanced maintenance techniques done by Yaskawa Motoman service technicians.

Course Overview

This is an Advanced Maintenance course on the NX100/DX100/DX200 series controllers and robots. Course content includes: - drive removal and replacement - change of wire harness - upper arm removal and testing - full greasing procedure - encoder replacement and motor change - recovery from a motor change

Course Materials

Students will be using the NX100/DX100/DX200 Advanced Maintenance training manual.


Course topics include: - wire harness replacement - upper arm removal (on a smaller arm) - drive replacement - encoder replacement - full robot greasing


This is a 4.5 day course, capped at 4 students.

Course Details

2018 - July 23

4.5 days

before June 1 - $1650 CAN

after June 1 - $1750 CAN

If you require assistance,
please call 905-813-5940.