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Robotics Training At Your Facility in Canada

Schedule a course to be taught “On-Site” at your Canadian facility!
Yaskawa Academy Canada offers standard and customized training classes given at the plant location of your choice in Canada.  However, robot cells must be available for the entire duration of the training class. Another possible option is the use of computer simulation that emulates the real world - this includes a real programming pendant that interfaces with simulation software on the computer. 

Live robot cell - Student to robot ratio is 3 to 1 maximum. 

Use of the computer simulation - Student to computer ratio is 2 to 1 maximum.

Once an onsite training quote has been requested and a decision is made to move forward with the delivery, we ask that all onsite training requests be booked with a lead time of approx. 14 days in advance.   In order to book (reserve) an onsite training class, the following documents must be received in order to process the onsite training request. 

- Onsite Registration Form

- Onsite Technical Education Policy

- Copy of an approved PO

Once all three documents are received and processed, a confirmation letter will be sent confirming all of the onsite training information. 

How do I go about arranging an on-site or custom course?

On-site and Custom courses are arranged through the Canadian Training Supervisor.  Please call us at 905-813-5937 or e-mail us at neil.alexander@motoman.com   ...   we will be glad to assist you in fulfilling your on-site training requirements!