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ONSITE - DX100 Accelerated Programming

For questions or assistance call us at 937-847-3229.


Classroom lectures on programming commands are reinforced with demonstrations. Commands and topics are related to real-world examples and applications. Material covered in the lectures are enhanced with actual hands-on programming, therefore, full access to the production robot cells (for the entire duration of the training class) is critical.  Students work in teams to perform workshop exercises. Class size is kept small, typically 6 or fewer, to promote an interactive, hands-on atmosphere. Students work with each other and with the help of the instructor to grasp the concepts of robot programming. To perform the hands-on practice exercises, student to robot ratio are typically assigned no more than 3 to a programming pendant On-Site.


Primary topics include:

  • Working safely in and around the robot cell
  • Programming basic and advanced I/O and control instructions
  • Monitoring and using basic and advanced Arithmetic variable instructions
  • Shifting using standard shifting functions
  • Programming and editing w/ the INFORM III language
  • Monitoring and using basic and advanced position variables
  • Modifying SC parameter functions
  • Using system variables


This course is an accelerated learning course covering basic and advanced programming functions / instructions, that is normally taken in a two week duration.  To be successful, prior robot programming experience for each student is a must.  It may be beneficial to XRC and NX100 Advanced users as a transition over to the next generation controller.


Students receive the DX100 Accelerated Programming Manual and miscellaneous handouts that relate to specific topics covered in the class. Students are urged to take notes, participate in discussions, and to bring up specific programming issues.


This course is usually delivered in 4.5 days during the first shift.  Mon-Thurs 8:30-4:30 and Fri 8:30-11:30 (29 hours).


Although no prerequisite is required, typical students who enroll in this course either have extensive previous experience or have already taken a basic course. If a student doesn’t fall under either of the above categories, we highly discourage them from enrolling in this course. The delivery of the topics are presented at a very accelerated pace, covering 32 chapters in one week.


Pricing subject to length and travel expenses. Please submit a request for quotation by clicking the link below.


Price is for up to 6 students using customer provided robot systems. Plus instructor's travel expenses. No more than 3 students per programming pendant. For a formal Training Proposal, please complete the form below.