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ONSITE - DX100 Advanced Arc Programming

For questions or assistance call us at 937-847-3229.


Classroom lectures on programming commands are reinforced with demonstrations. Commands and topics are related to real-world examples and applications. Material covered in the lectures are enhanced with actual hands-on programming by students.  Students work in teams to perform workshop exercises. Class size is kept small, typically 12 or fewer, to promote an interactive, hands-on atmosphere. Students work with each other and with the help of Motoman instructors to grasp the concepts of robot programming. To perform the hands-on practice exercises, students are typically assigned no more than 3 to a programming pendant On-Site.


Students learn to perform advanced functions and apply weld-specific commands.

Primary topics include:

  • Development and setting of weld files, jobs, etc.
  • Weld troubleshooting
  • Weave welding
  • Cube definitions
  • Position variables
  • Incremental moves
  • Parallel shift
  • External axes programming
  • Touch sense & seam tracking overview


The DX100 Advanced Arc Welding Module, an advanced course on Motoman industrial robots, provides programming instruction for operators with a working knowledge of the DX100 controller. As a minimum, the student should have a basic understanding of the GMAW process and a working knowledge of DX100 basic topics. The DX100 Basic Programming with Arc Welding Module is the normal prerequisite to this module.


Students receive the DX100 Advanced Arc Welding Programming Manual which details welding commands and programming techniques for the Motoman DX100 controller. Additional handouts relate to specific topics covered in class. Students are urged to take notes, participate in discussions, and to bring up specific programming issues.


This module is a 4.0-day training class. On-Site classes are demand based and should be scheduled 60-90 days in advance to ensure availability.


DX100 Basic Programming with Arc Welding


Pricing subject to length and travel expenses. Please submit a request for quotation by clicking the link below.


Price is for up to 6 students using customer provided robot systems. Plus travel expenses. No more than 3 students per programming pendant. For pricing for more than 6 students, contact the MOTOMAN Manager at 937.847.3229 Customer must provide all welding coupons and other welding materials.