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DX200 Advanced Programming

This course teaches advanced programming for the DX200 controller.  Students are required to possess basic programming knowledge of the controller prior to attending this training module.

Primary topics include:

  • Programming advanced I/O instructions
  • Naming variables and applying variable data
  • Defining and using position variables
  • Using system variables
  • Programming advanced arithmetic instructions
  • Loading from the Compact Flash / USB
  • Defining cubic interference zones
  • Setting axes soft limits
  • Setting TCP operating envelope
  • Customizing parameters
  • Shifting jobs / points
  • Using software options such as PMT, Relative Job, Concurrent Job, Interrupt Job, Search Function, and External Reference Point
  • Setting pendant preferences and key allocation shortcuts

Course Overview

This course consists of classroom lectures, demonstrations, discussions and hands-on practice exercises.  Covered topics are related to real-world examples and applications. To create an interactive and enhanced learning environment, class size is limited to 12.  To perform the hands-on practice exercises, students to robot ratio is typically assigned 2 to a pendant at Yaskawa Academy.

Course Materials

Students receive a course outline, objectives, and a manual, which details specific topics covered in the class. Students are urged to take notes, participate in discussions, and inquire about specific operating issues.


The DX200 Basic Programming Module is a prerequisite to attend the DX200 Advanced Programming Module.  If you do not meet the criteria of this class, you may want to consider attending either the DX100 Accelerated Programming or the DX100 Accelerated Programming w/ Arc Welding based on your robot cell application.


Training class schedules are subject to be changed without notice, based on training demands.  All Training classes are held in the Miamisburg, OH Training Facility unless other prior arrangements have been confirmed.

Attendees who complete the required number of contact hours will receive a certificate of completion.  Those who meet the contact hours requirement, and score 70% or better on the final exam, will be awarded Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Course Details - LAST UPDATED - 12/13/18

2019 Dates:  Feb 4 (1-Seat Left), Apr 1, June 3

This course runs 4.5 days (29 - contact hours), class starts & ends / Mon-Thurs (8:30am - 4:30pm) and Fri (8:30am – 11:30am).


For additional assistance, please call 937-847-3307 or send your inquiries to training@motoman.com

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