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NX100/DX100/DX200 Independent / Coordinated Motion

Who Should Attend

The NX100/DX100/DX200 Independent / Coordinated Motion Course is a secondary-level course to the Yaskawa Motoman industrial robots. This course provides an overview of robot programming when dealing with both a robot and external station axis. Basic Programming is a prerequisite to taking this course.

Course Overview

The training module consists of classroom lecture and hands-on programming in which Yaskawa Motoman instructors present different methods of programming an R1+S1 system: separate jobs, independent jobs and then coordinated jobs using SMOV and the ability to use SYNCHRO/SINGLE as a teaching tool. Students enhance the materials covered in the lecture with actual hands-on programming in the classroom and in the Yaskawa Motoman Canada Ltd. 2400 square foot demonstration and training laboratory. Students work in teams to perform workshop exercises.

Course Materials

Students receive a copy of the Independent/Coordinated Motion Manual which details advanced programming techniques for the Yaskawa Motoman controllers. Additional handouts are provided relating to specific topics covered in the class. Students are urged to take notes, participate in discussions and to bring up specific programming issues.


An overview of the primary topics covered in the course is provided below: - basic robot and station axis programming - R1 + S1 jobs with no master - R1 + S1 jobs with master - coordinated motion - synchro/single


The NX100/DX100/DX200 Independent / Coordinated Motion Course is a one (1) day course.

Course Details

call for class availability

This course runs 1 day, 8:30am until 3:45pm

$400 CAN

If you require assistance,
please call 905-813-5940.

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