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Yaskawa Motoman's commitment to providing the ideal solution for your robotic application does not end with the installation of the system. Once installation is complete, our Customer Satisfaction Group will ensure that your system uptime is maximized and that your costs are minimized, allowing for the quickest return on your investment. Yaskawa Motoman offers:

  • Worldwide support
  • Technical support hotline
  • Highly qualified application programming support
  • Expert field service technical support
  • Regional support specialists throughout U.S.
  • Regional Technical Manager for asset management support

Yaskawa Motoman Support Offerings

How-To Videos

Tech support experts demonstrate common controller functions.

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Aftermarket Support Plans

Construct a program that controls costs and maximizes your uptime.

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Pendant Armor

Protection for teach pendants. Now available for YRC and Smart Pendant models.

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